Kitchen Dreams

The one essential part of every human on this planet is that we need sustenance. Why not have it be yummy?

I’ve been interested in cooking my own food since I started grade school. It was the first year my older brother and I would get home from school a few hours before our parents, so we had time to mess around and make our own food. Being that my brother was older than me, he knew more than I did at the time.

The items we always had were eggs, bread, cereal, and milk. I usually ate cereal. We were both fans of eggs so we experimented with different ways to make eggs on a pan. The easiest way to make an egg was to have a bit of hot oil in a pan, crack the egg on it and use a spoon to bathe the egg with the oil without flipping it. After getting the hang of that I started trying to flip the egg over. It was a lot harder than it seemed, especially getting it to flip without breaking the yolk in the process. Whenever it was unsuccessful it would just end up being scrambled eggs.

Once I mastered egg flipping, I moved onto making an omelette. This was by far my favorite way to make eggs. It took me the longest to figure out how I wanted it cooked ’cause there are many variations and ways to make an omelette along with endless toppings. Other egg based dishes I attempted were french toast and making a hole in a slice of bread and cooking the egg in the middle. It was hard to move away from eggs since it was what I was most comfortable making for myself and I never really got tired of it.

First attempt at smash burger

Although my cooking experience was very limited for most of my younger years, I always liked being in the kitchen with the adults seeing everything get made. I didn’t get to learn many recipes which I deeply regret. When I was younger we had a lot of family get-togethers which always involved making large amounts of foods. Being Mexican, there was a sort of “machismo” culture, so I had no business being in the kitchen with the women. Still that didn’t stop me from getting first tastes. It may have seemed like I was just impatient for the food to be ready but really, I wanted to see the whole process. The kitchen would come alive. There was meat cutting, vegetables being chopped, hot vapors, loud blending, lots of baking, and playing with fire. It was like watching a chemistry lab perform experiments you got to eat at the end.

Spicy Pineapple Chicken

I never went to culinary school, so I do what I can from what I’ve seen and figured out along the way. Sometimes you get a feel for it and you sort of know what to do in the moment. It’s always fun to tweak recipes and figure how to make it taste better for yourself. It may be as simple as adding some extra spices or letting something cook a little longer for the Maillard reaction. Even if the end result isn’t exactly what you wanted at least you tried. When not knowing how to cook something, research and Youtube are your best friends.

Tokyo Ramen from Yataimura Maru

For my food posts, I’ll include pictures of my favorite foods of places I like to go eat, recipes and anything kitchen related.

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