February Outings: Winter Light Festival, OMSI, and Lots of Food!

Hello loves!

I wanted to post my February recap before I start my Vegas recap. It’s been about a week since I got back and have been dealing with the chaos that came with the pandemic of COVID-19. I’m sure we are all at a point where we are all feeling the effects of closures of all kinds and near shortages of food in grocery stores. I hope you are all staying safe and practicing social distancing in these trying times. We will get through this. ❤

Now onto my recap: I started the month right. I was just starting to exercise again and was starting to feel well until I logged on Facebook on Sunday the 2nd and received the news that a friend and his brother had passed away. More on this later in the post..

My attempt at exercising but Sophie wouldn’t move.

Later that day, we had dinner with my dad and brother at Pho Gia, a Vietnamese restaurant. I wasn’t in the mood for pho so I went with Shrimp Fried Rice with Pineapple while Alex got Pad Thai, and CL plain noodles. Both my dad and brother got a salmon dish that was cooked to perfection.


For dessert we decided to go Costco for their sundaes. I got hooked on them and was getting one at least once a week last month.


On the 3rd, we tried a Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta with Chicken and Mozzarella recipe I found on Pinterest from this site(?). We made it again the following week with shrimp, but Alex and I agreed that the chicken was better.


On February 6th the Winter Light Festival Opening Night kicked off and we got to attend two nights. All the art installations were amazing and I loved that we got to enjoy art at night as well. It’s something unique and a few of them were interactive.


February 7th was CL’s last day at his other school. I officially transferred him to another program with teachers who have been trained to handle kids with special needs. He has been doing well since, a few challenges but he is responding well and he is learning how to handle his emotions too. That same day, we got to try a new place: Hot Lips Pizza. We had driven by it a few times and thought to try it since we were nearby.


Alex got regular pep and I got a cheese pizza. We also got some pesto parmesan garlic sticks; my first time trying anything pesto and it was surprisingly good. I also had one of their ginger ale real root soda and was so impressed by how similar it tasted to regular ginger ale but better?


We also splurged on ice cream sandwiches from Ruby Jewel that were sold at Hot Lips. I’ve been wanting to try this ice cream shop since last year and we took advantage while we were there. They seem to be expanding too as I saw a little stand at the mall. I would love to visit the actual shop and see what other flavors they have to offer.


Later that night I went over to my cousin’s house to help her out with some decorations for our friend’s funeral and she convinced me to attend the memorial service. That entire week I had a hard time wrapping my head around his death (and his brother too) that I couldn’t come to terms with his passing. It hit me hard when I walked into the funeral home for the service. It all got too real and I had to step outside to compose myself. It was hard and I chose to not see him because that was not the last memory I wanted. Instead, I gave my condolences to his parents and turned away. It was heartbreaking seeing one of their cousins saying goodbye to them both. </3 They’re going to be greatly missed.

February 8th we attended the last night of the Winter Light Festival. We did lots of walking but it was a lot of fun. I LOVE MY CITY!


On February 11th we attended OMSI Night with CL’s previous school. Even though we changed programs, we are still welcome to field trips with them. So rad! The entire place was shut down just for the families in the program, it was the coolest because we didn’t have to worry about huge crowds and so perfect for my sensory child. CL had a blast and it was relatively stress-free.


We got to see the Exquisite Creatures Exhibition, they were all three dimensional display of animals that have passed due to natural causes and donated for the exhibit. A bit morbid to see headless birds, but it’s nice to see animals we wouldn’t be able to see up-close otherwise, and show our kiddos what each animal looks like.


On Valentine’s Day we splurged at Maru, even though it would have been a regular Friday for us lol.


READ: Splurging on Japanese Food at Yataimura Maru

After dinner we went to an arcade to have some fun with CL because he deserved it that week. And my fishy friend, Red, was in his pineapple again. So cute! We have caught him in there and exiting through the windows more often these days. ❤


That following week, 17th – 21st, Alex and I were busy preparing for our monthiversary / 8 year wedding anniversary on the 22nd. We were shopping for new clothes to wear and I was able to get a few gifts for Alex. On the 22nd we went to my nephew’s 11th birthday party. They rented out the pool at a rec center for a few hours and it was CL’s first time in a pool. He absolutely loved it! Made me so happy to see him in there enjoying himself.


After the party we headed home to get ready for our anniversary dinner, which you can read all about here. We went to Chart House PDX, and had amazing food. Love my fella.


On  February 25th, we went somewhere new for food: Jumbo Restaurant and Lounge Mandarin and Suzchuan. We ordered SO MUCH food. Second time “splurging” in the same month.


We started off with some hot and sour soup which was not what I expected. I really liked it and I’m not even sure how to describe it or what it was made of. Then our appetizer sampler came out. It had crab puffs, egg rolls, beef teriyaki and BBQ pork.


Shortly after our entrees started coming out. I got orange chicken (duh) because I’m still on the search for my favorite orange chicken here in Portland. This one is a close second to Zien Hong, but Alex thinks this one is way better. Alex got Mandarin Chicken and Chicken Lo Mein, and CL got plain noodles.


Our table has never been this full.
I told Alex I have always dreamed of having a table full of food like this!!


After dinner we went to a park so CL could release some energy. What an amazing day with my boys, I felt so at peace that day after struggling for months.<3

The following day on the 26th, we made homemade crunchwraps (my favorite) and I tried a new Blueberry Ginger Kombucha drink. I really liked it. I also tried a new vegan chocolate which was really good but I still liked the one Hunida sent me for xmas better. 😀


February 28th was my dad’s Naturalization Ceremony; a month after Alex. So happy for him! CL was stoked to be there for his grandpa too! Precious!


We ended up having a little lunch with my dad at a Mexican restaurant called La Carreta. I ended up getting their shrimp cocktail. Oh how I missed this meal so much!


The following week I was just busy taking CL to school, cleaning, and preparing for our Vegas vacation. I cannot wait to share all that with you guys!!!

Besides my life recap, I have finished a few other posts over on AyRGalaxy such as reviews and lookbooks. I am currently working on content for both blogs since we will be home for what looks like a whole month, possibly more. I hope I don’t bore you 🙂

I want to know: how are you all doing? How are you feeling?


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13 thoughts on “February Outings: Winter Light Festival, OMSI, and Lots of Food!

  1. Rossy, I’m so sorry about the passing of your friend & his brother. 😦 I wish I wasn’t so caught up in my own troubles at the time & that I had been more of a listening friend for you. ♡

    I am LMAO at Sophie under you while you’re working out because that is freakin’ Benji! Right when I pull my mat out, he’s stretched out in it like it was for him. 😂

    I miss Vietnamese restaurants soooo bad. The pineapple fried rice looks delish! & that sundae…. yuuuum!

    How has the homeschooling been with Ciel now? It must have been so tough JUST starting a new school before everything shut down. 😭

    Oooo, those garlic sticks with pesto are making me DROOL! I also love anything ginger, have you ever had ginger beer? I love it so much. & those ice cream sandwiches are cute lol the little swirl. 😍

    Both of the festivals look super cool. Portland truly has some awesome events! & how nice that you’re able to attend the field trips with Ciel’s old school still. What a perk!

    Maru reminds me of AYCE sushi & I freakin’ miss it!!!!! 😭😭😭 I am also hoping we can make it to a pool before the summer ends. Ciel looks adorable in his life jacket. So glad he had a chance to have some fun!!

    Hot & sour soup is hit or miss for me. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it but boyfriend is not a fan at all! Glad you enjoyed yours though. 🙂 I lovelovelove that red BBQ pork, yum! & girl, you need to eat with me & my family. We always got our tables full like that lol.

    Those homemade crunchwraps!!!! 😍 & I will def send you some more of that chocolate someday. ♡♡

    Aw yay!!!!! Congratulations to your dad!!!! That test they have to take is one of the freakin’ hardest things ever lol. One of my aunts just passed very recently too. 😁

    What. Is. That. Shrimp. Cocktail?!?!? I want it & I don’t even know what’s in it lol. Please share!!! 😂

    I am crying because you said “we’ll be a home for a whole month”… which ended up turning into nearly 3!!! 😭 lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s okay don’t worry, i had my cousin, her family, some friends, and of course, my brother and Alex, my brother knew him too so we both kind of grieved together. don’t worry, you are an amazing friend to me! ❤ xx

      i love that benji does the same thing! it's so cute and frustrating lol. i was exercising earlier this week in my room and it's kind of cramped in there, but as i was doing side lunges, sophie was just standing by but she "lunged" at me because she was annoyed that i was moving too much and too close to her. she doesn't bite, she nips but it's still really funny like "hey, i welcomed you into my room, be nice" xD

      i've only been to a handful of vietnamese restaurants, i really need to find a few more and try lots of different foods but it's kind of hard to tell what is good around here and what isn't.

      it was tough at first but i think we finally have a routine / schedule down. i actually finished it last week and up until then, we had been doing a similar routine, but now it's set in stone, i just need to make sure to switch up the activities often so he doesn't get bored and so he learns at the same time

      i've never* had ginger beer. i'm not really a beer person but i've had a few, what does it taste like?

      ah yeah portland has some amazing events, i'm sure there are far more that i'm not aware of, i hope that once things get better i can find everything and anything that comes up because its such a joy going out with people and enjoying the same things 🙂

      if AYCE is anything like Maru I'm sure we would love it! next time i visit you'll have to take me there 😀 😀 😀

      i really enjoyed that hot n sour soup, i hope the next time i have it its just as good 🙂 i would LOVE to eat with your family and meet everyone lol i think that would be fun, i love large gatherings every once in a while 🙂

      omg congrats to your auntie too!!!! that's amazing!! 😀

      i think you would like the shrimp cocktail, however, it does have avocado, but i'm sure you can order it without it if you tell them. it is made with shrimp, celery, onions, cucumber, tomatoes, it is soooo delicious! omg when i go there next time, we can all go to that mexican sushi place so you can try it and the sushi haha i havent attempted making it myself but i think i should because its a fantastic dish to have in the summer. i've always only had it cold but it can also be served hot 🙂

      lol i know, what a joke! we all thought it would only be a home and it got dragged out 3 months. technically we can say it's still going since life is not back to normal.
      i hope you're doing well! you are so sweet for going all the back to read my older posts 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL about Sophie lunging at you, oh my gosh. Hilarious!!!

        & it truly is hard to find which restaurants will be good or not. Everyone has different taste so you can’t really rely on reviews. 😛 I hope you’re able to find a Vietnamese spot that you guys like & can try tons of foods at. 🙂 I would say their cuisine is closest to Cambodian. 🙂

        Aw yay! I’m happy that you & CL have a little routine set in stone now. ❤ & you could download this app called Eventbrite! I always find a lot of fun things to do on there, even free stuff!

        & AYCE = All You Can Eat so yeah, Maru reminds me of all the sushi spots we have gone to. Their plates/appetizers always look similar! I would love to bring you to our fave spot sometime. 🙂 & that would be amazing if you met my family!!!! I would love to have you over to try some of our different foods. 🙂

        We went to a Mexican restaurant yesterday & I totally saw the Shrimp Cocktail on the menu!! I also spotted avocados in it though lol but, next time, if I do get it, I'll see if they can do it without! BUT YES, if we don't try the Mexican sushi before you come back, let's goooo!!

        Right? It's not even over yet! It's been 3 months AND COUNTING. Ugh lol.

        ❤ I had so much fun reading your blog!!! Thank you for all the entertaining content & for not constantly bringing up the 'rona in your posts!!! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. she’s hilarious! she comes to me for pets but I do annoy her too so I don’t blame her. It’s a good thing we have a dog and not a cat, I think the cat would hate me for bugging it all the time xD

        Yeah, we just try places and determine if we like it or not after trying. I’m glad you said that because I don’t think we have any Cambodian places around here at all! And I would love* try different cuisines too other than what is big here, Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese. LOL

        oooh so it’s like a buffet??? amazing!!!!!!! I totally want that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes please do, next time I go to Vegas take me to your fave places 🙂
        I would love* to come over and have authentic home-cooked meals, those are the best! ❤

        haha awwwh I knew you'd shy away because of the avocados! LOL I will learn how to make it and post the recipe and make sure to put *avocados optional* LOL

        So how are you guys over there in terms of phases? You mentioned your bf having gone back to work?
        I tried* not to bring it up too much, but I'm pretty sure I did in several other ones still xD

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Lol my cats would love if you bugged them all the time, to be honest. They never get annoyed of pets or snuggles. I am the one who is like, “ok, time for you to get up a bit, I need to stretch my legs” & then I’ll take one cat off me to do so, & another one is on me before I am even done stretching & Alex always has one on him, too haha.

        We don’t have any Cambodian restaurants in Las Vegas, either! 😦 I am definitely interested in trying more different cuisines, too, not just the more popular ones.

        Yes! Sort of like a buffet but you have to order from the servers instead of get it all by yourself. Next time you come, we will HAVE to bring you to Viet Noodle Bar & Sushi Neko and/or Sushi Zone. 😀

        LOL okay okay, I could also try to ask next time I see it at a restaurant if it’s possible to not have avocados! Or boyfriend can make it from your recipe when you post it. 😀

        We still haven’t moved out of Phase 2 which I don’t see why not. Mostly everything downtown is OPEN with huge crowds of people everywhere. The Strip is still working on opening certain casinos & live performances of all kinds are still prohibited. 😡 How about you guys??

        Liked by 1 person

      4. LOL CUUUUUUUUTTEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sad I didn’t get to see your kitties again the second time around 😦
        I will definitely make it my mission to hopefully try new restaurants again now that everything is opening up again. Idk if you remember but one item in my 2020 BL was to explore Oregon more. I was also supposed to try one new place a month, and i’m sure I’m already behind on that one xD

        Ooooohhhh AYCE sounds amazing!! And yes, take me wherever you want, I would love to try new places 😀

        Okay will do 🙂 it would be a nice summer treat to have, so I will have that as a BL item “Learn how to make shrimp cocktail” LMAO

        I just checked today and we are still in phase 1 until the 22nd this month. So we got about a week left? After that everything should go back to normal, or close to normal. Right now most malls and shopping plazas are already open as well as many bars and restaurants. Here we cannot have any shows. So up to 25 people can gather in one place. Phase 2 would be up to 50-100 people I believe? I’m not so sure. I would have to check again.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Kitties will be here next time you come. 😀 & I DO remember that on your bucket list! Of course you’re behind on them though since we were in lockdown!! Can’t wait to see when you start trying new places again & exploring your state more. 🙂

        Yeah, Phase 2 is 50-100 people. We are in that right now, hoping to enter Phase 3 SOON.

        Liked by 1 person

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