Best Pizza in Town? — Alotta Wood Fired Pizza

Oh boy, oh boy! (Princess Jellyfish, anyone?)

I am so excited to tell you all about a relatively new-ish place here in Portland!

Alotta Wood Fired Pizza had its grand opening on June 1st, 2020 but we’ve had many chats with the guy who owns the place, and he told us he used to do large events across the PNW, so he is definitely not new to this. Opening up a stationary place seemed risky in the middle of a pandemic but they proved themselves within their first week and it seems they are here to stay!

Their pizza is handmade and this mobile dream pizza kitchen was put together by local friends who just wanted to make pizza, Portland Style! Their pies are always cooked to perfection, with the freshest, local ingredients available. Their dough is made from scratch and they use quality meats and cheese which are perfectly seasoned. Seriously, my mouth is watering right now!


We discovered this place while driving by the main highway heading north to Portland. The lot they are currently in was originally empty and sad looking. When we saw the truck and the pretty pineapple paintings with bright colors I was intrigued. On our way back home we stopped for our first pie and thus began our love for Alotta Pizza!

NOTE: I was originally going to post this before they reached 100 days of opening, but life changes delayed many things. They are now well past their 100 days so congrats to them!


Their pie combinations are not only delicious but super unique. Ever heard of avocado on pizza? Well they do that here! Pineapple pizza lovers are also welcome, thank goodness! We tried a few of the combinations they have to offer but the cool thing is that you can also customize the pies to your liking which is freaking amazing because normally, pizza shops and/or trucks have a set menu and don’t steer away from it.

Day 6: Our First Pie

The first time we tried their pies, Alex and I got one and split it in half and were severely disappointed in ourselves for only getting one. Shame on us! His half was Classic Pepperoni and mine their Queen Margarita. Seriously delicious, every single bite was heaven in my mouth!



Day 18: One Pie for Each

We went back almost two weeks later and decided to get our own pies. I got a regular Hawaiian pie, ham and pineapple. Alex got half Hawaiian like mine and half Alotta Meats which has thick cut bacon, pepperoni, sausage, and pulled Kalua pork.



Day 26: A Dessert Pie

When we went back this time, I was surprised to see they had Kombucha on tap. I’m all about it, I love it. And what’s best is that it’s local!! The kombucha they have is the Oregon Brewed BNF Peach Rose Kombucha and it is divine! I have absolutely no idea how to describe it except it’s not overly sweet and is so smooth? I don’t know, but it’s very mild and delicious. I got a second one when I was finished.


Back to the pies..

We had gone with friends to get their Honey Lemon Mammoth Ear with almonds, honey, lemon and I cannot remember what else. It was scrumptious and perfectly cooked. All the flavors melted in my mouth.


I actually ordered a second dessert pie with raspberries when they were in season but I don’t have the picture? I’m really disappointed in myself, but trust me, it was so so good! I wish you could see it.


Day 36: Pies for Outdoor Dinner

For some reason I don’t have the pictures for the pies we got this day either but Alex ended up getting Alotta Meats again (pictured above) and I got their Alotta Fresh Pineapple Hawaiian, which comes with fresh cut pineapple and shredded Kalua pork. I don’t care for meats on my pies and usually exclude them. I wasn’t paying attention when I ordered, so I was surprised to see meat on my pie. However, the shredded pork was actually really appetizing, flavorful and filling. I loved the flavors of the meat along with the pineapple.


Day 49: Custom Pies

This was a particularly hot day in Portland and they were giving out slushies to everyone who bought a pie. Alex got a lemonade slushie while Ciel got their raspberry blue one. This time we decided to get custom pies.

I made mine with pineapple, pear, basil, and tomato.


Alex made his with pepperoni, jalapenos, red onions and sun-dried tomatoes.


The guys making our pies were so happy when they pies came out. They kept saying how great they looked and how both combination were fantastic. They took pictures of our pies to post on their Instagram!


Day 53: Kombucha & Mask

I went back and purchased only a kombucha because I stopped by to pick up a mask I had won in a giveaway they had. They had a mask giveaway from day 50 up until day 100. How cool is this mask though? It’s holographic but I couldn’t get a good photo of it.



Day 69: A Special Pie

Alex was craving one of their dessert pies which so happened to be a special. We got their Smores pie and it came with marshmallows, drizzled with nutella!



Day 94: Dinner & Dessert

We hadn’t been back for nearly a month due to many circumstances plus fire and smoke in the area, but once it rained and the sun came out, we saw clear skies and headed out for a small adventure, grocery shopping and some food! 🙂

They were nearing day 100 and this time we got two custom pies and a simple dessert pie because I didn’t ask for it to include all the fixings (thinking it would). That one was my fault. But anyway, here’s what we got:

Mine: vegan cheese, pineapple, pear, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, regular tomatoes, jalapenos.


Alex: Alotta Meats, omit the sausage, w/jalapenos and red onions.


Our dessert pies, again, very simple, half strawberry and half peach drizzled with honey. I did not expect for them to be plain but that’s because they have a specific* name (which I did not know).


Lastly, a tasty surprise!


I couldn’t believe it! I was one of ten winners and I was so grateful!
Their giveaway package included the following:


  • a pizza pie (we got half pineapple, half pepperoni),
  • an Alotta Pizza t-shirt
  • a pint of Peach Rose Kombucha (pictured above and on Day 26)
  • a new* mask, and
  • a delicious cupcake!

As you can see, we were going back roughly every two weeks or so, up until the last time. I will gladly keep giving them my business because it is some of the tastiest pizza I have ever tried! I even urged my friends to go there and they agreed their pies were tasty.


I know with the pandemic, traveling restrictions have been put into place for some states or there have been recommendations to not travel to certain places. But if you ever find yourself in Portland in the future, be sure to look up Alotta Wood Fired Pizza, which isn’t too far from the downtown area. I think you will be very pleased with whatever you order and absolutely happy with their outstanding friendly service. 🙂

Do you have a favorite pizza shop near you?
What is the best pizza you’ve tried so far?


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