Day Trip to Cannon Beach, OR


This is the last full post in my summer recap. The rest I will save for a brief photo diary that I will be posting before the year is over, lol. Going to the beach was one of few actual outings since covid started, so we cherished this moment together. The summer seemed to pass us by so quickly, it hardly feels like we even had a summer at all. And what a coincidence I’m posting today too because our governor ordered another lockdown for Oregon, which goes into effect today. It is said it will last for 2 weeks, but if numbers don’t improve, the lockdown could be longer.

Anyway, despite this being my last recap of summer, it’s going to be a rather short one because I don’t have many photos to share.

The trip was about 2 hours long or so. We left our home at 8am, and arrived by 10am. There was little to no traffic so getting there was relatively stress free. We had hoped for sun, but as you’ll see, we were met with something different: fog. And in the middle of summer no less, only in Oregon..


The beach was ridiculously foggy, it hardly felt like we were at the beach. The tide was so far from where we sat and the water was freezing!! There was a small pool where the water was coming in from the side, and it was much* warmer, so we allowed CL to splash and practice his swimming. I wish I could have gotten photos of that but my phone would have gotten wet for sure. He absolutely loves to splash! CL also loved the sand. A little too much, if I may add. He requested we bury him in the sand at least 5 times.


Being that it was so foggy, we were not able to see clearly more than 20 feet in front of us. Since the water was coming from the side, we decided to walk along the pool to see where it met the ocean. In the distance we started seeing the Haystack Rock, one of the reasons Cannon Beach is so famous. If that doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps the film “The Goonies” will?


We had no idea we were this close to it, because again, we literally could not see in the distance, so this made us super happy that we caught sight of it by chance since last year we were not able to take any photos at all. We walked back around the pool because the tide was deep and too cold. We were able to get some photos before the public surrounded the place even more.


I believe there is also a tidepool there but we did not want to get close as there were too many people. Shame, would have loved to see everything else. After taking a few photos, we started to walk back. CL enjoyed splashing around as the tide was coming in. I do not know how he could stand the water, it was literally freezing!!!!


If you ever find yourself in Oregon, I highly recommend you go to the coast and go to Cannon Beach. I highly recommend you leave early in the morning before traffic, otherwise you will not find parking as easily.

That is literally it. I told you it would be a short post. I could have posted this in the photo diary, but I really wanted to share this beach with you not only because the beach itself is so popular after being in some films (The Goonies and Twilight), but I think the Haystack Rock is something everyone should see in person. Lots of photographers flock to the Oregon Coast to get stunning shots of this place different times of the year.


What’s a famous area or spot near you?


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8 thoughts on “Day Trip to Cannon Beach, OR

  1. Oh wow, the fog makes the beach look so much cooler! I’ve never heard of Haystack Rock actually, so this is neat to discover. CL looks like he’s having a lovely time in the water, even if it was freezing cold, haha. I’m glad you all got to enjoy this little adventure. I would love to visit Oregon someday!

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    1. It was an interesting day because you could hear the waves as if they were close, but in reality they were like more than 100 feet away haha. Surprisingly it wasn’t too cold either, only the water was.

      I don’t think Haystack Rock is known to many people in general, if you live in Oregon, you’d of course know about it LOL. But yeah, filmmakers and photographers love that area because it looks really cool 🙂
      I think you would love Oregon and what it has to offer. Actually, there is so much of Oregon that I have yet to explore, and I am hoping I can do that next year so I can share more from this wonderful state 🙂

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      1. That sounds wonderful to just relax and listen to! I think I would like Oregon too; I’ve always wanted to visit. I’ll definitely have to make my way to your side of the country one day. I look forward to seeing more of your Oregon adventures whenever it’s safer to go places!

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  2. I love that you and the family are going on these adventures!!! Cannon beach has been on my travel bucket list for so long and now I’m even more anxious than ever to visit!! I honestly need to just do an entire Oregon trip lol xoxo

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    1. Believe it or not, I’m the one who plans these trips and I’m always like “believe me guys, you will have fun” LOL. In this case, Alex chose this beach because he used to go there all the time as a little kid 🙂
      I am so eager to explore more of Oregon and I am hoping we can head to the mountains this winter and then a few other remote areas in the spring and summer. I got so many plans but some areas are so far away they require an overnight stay LOL
      And yes, you MUST visit at some point. 🙂 You might really love the sights here 🙂

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