CL’s 4th Birthday — Super Mario Themed Birthday Party

Here we are! Another repost.

This post is one of my favorites because I got to see all my hard work on display for my son’s 4th birthday. I made so many DIY’s and everyone loved everything, it is by far the best birthday and have not been able to top this one to date hahahah!

Happy Wednesday!

As promised, I will be showing you how I decorated my house, or rather my walls with the decorations I made. Most of you have already seen those Super Mario decorations/crafts, and if you haven’t, you can see them all here.

I was very glad that his birthday landed on a Saturday this year, so Alex and I planned out the day for him so when he came back, he’d see the house fully decorated. Of course he did* see all the decorations we made, but he probably wasn’t sure what they would be used for.

Nonetheless, he enjoyed his party to the fullest. He was a happy kid, smiles everywhere and my cousins congratulated me on a job well done, so that felt good! Hard work paid off!


NOTE: for the ACTUAL DIYs, visit this link. I have put all the crafts together for your convenience.

I’m not going to talk about how the day went, because there’s not much to say about it? LOL. But I still wanted to show you guys how I used the crafts I made to decorate the place and also show you the bomb ass cake my godmother made for him! 🙂

P.S. I didn’t finish setting everything up before people got home so it got dark so quickly and was unable to take better photos. I hate winter lol.


Here’s how I decorated the kitchen wall / dining room:


The kitchen and dining room had food for the adults, since I knew the kids wouldn’t eat anything but pizza. We bought carnitas for tacos and ceviche made out of imitation crab, and sides of nachos as well as some spicy hot BBQ sausages Alex whipped up. Everything was delicious!

And here’s the living room wall:


The number 4. I also created some vines going up to the clouds (white balloons).


Snack Bar:


  • Bob-Omb Chocolate Balls — self-explanatory
  • Star Power — Star Rice Krispie treats, with royal icing
  • Luigi’s Spare Tires — Oreo’s (was originally supposed to be Luigi’s lollipops, but decided against it)
  • Fire Power — blend of cheese balls and Mexican Cheetos Bolitas


  • Princess Peach Gummy Rings — peach gummy rings
  • Toad’s Tostitos — plain, salsa verde, and salsa ranchera Tostito’s
  • Bowser’s Fire Shots — blend of spicy chips: Cheetos, Lays, Funyuns, etc.
  • Power-Up Pizza — pizza for the kids!

White shelf was to set up the goodie bags and the gifts.
Forgot to photograph it, but I also had some place cards made for the drinks:

  • Mario Juice — Hawaiian Fruit Punch
  • Koopa Cola — Coca-Cola
  • Mt. Boo — Mt. Dew


HUGE shout-out to my godmother for making this amazing cake!
She always comes through for us! And everyone loved it!


So happy about his cake!!


I’m so glad the day was a success and I’m so happy everything turned out so well! 🙂 I have no idea how I will top this next year! Maybe I’ll keep it simple, who knows.

Do you guys have a memorable birthday, either from your childhood or adulthood?
What did you like most about it?

Thanks so much as always for reading, I love you all! ❤ xx


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3 thoughts on “CL’s 4th Birthday — Super Mario Themed Birthday Party

  1. I would love the file of the food cards! They are amazing and I am hopeless at making items like this! Thank you, Eileen


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