My 2022 Bullet Journal Set up + January


Happy new year! Better late than never!

This is absolutely crazy.. My last public bujo spread was back in October 2020. I started working in September that year, and then it got crazy with the moving that my bujo was one of those things I had to put in the back seat. However, I want to bring it back this year. I want to get better at planning out my busy life, and also I miss doodling and making these spreads. So without further ado, let me show you the set up.

The 2022 Bullet Journal

Firstly, this is what I’m working with this year. I wanted to step away from the black bullet journal and just wanted something fun that would actually get me to want to work on it on a daily basis, and this definitely caught my eye and it is so me.


It doesn’t open flat like I would like it, but it works for everything else regardless, so good enough. It was also more affordable than the blacks one I used to get, so I can deal with it not opening flat.

Side note:
I’m sorry if the photo spreads look a little bit dark.
The photos will look better next month.


Bullet Journal Set Up for 2022

And now, onto the set-up.


I wanted to keep it fairly simple/minimalist with a bit of color, so most of the spreads will be just that.

Future Logs

I had previously done a yearly calendar, but I never used it so I skipped it this time and went straight to the future logs. I have also done this before, but had done it all in one spread. This time I have two spreads, which means more space to plan. I’ve had many more opportunities to get complimentary products and a lot of them have deadlines, so this will be a great space to utilize for that.


As you can see I already started using it, and have added some shows that we have to look forward to later this year. I’m honestly so excited and ready to use these spreads. They look so good and functional.

Goals & Bucket List


So this spread is blank, for now. I am still thinking about what kind of goals I want to achieve this year, and not just something I know won’t get done. As for the bucket list, I have to plan that more accordingly to this year and with the on-going pandemic, it will take lots of pre-planning. All in all, I’m just hoping for lots of fun adventures and more exploring the PNW and coast.

Affirmations & Self Care Menu

I think I’ve had this spread for my previous bujo. Affirmations and my self-care menu go well together. The affirmations page I started in 2020. It’s something that helps me stay grounded and reminds me that I cannot control everything outside of myself, but I can control how I react to it.


Those who have been around for a while may remember the self-care menu from 2019. I liked the menu with the doodles so I decided to use that again. Very cute and practical. I have updated like one or two doodles, but otherwise, the rest remained the same.

Bookshelf & Routines

My bookshelf page has evolved, and I really liked the one from 2020 with the plants and extra doodles. But again, this year’s set up I wanted it to be minimalistic due to me not having a lot of time to doodle. It’s very simple, but I think I will add some doodles as the year progresses, and as I fill in the page. I don’t really have a goal of how many books I’d like to read, I’m thinking maybe 25? But we will see. I definitely want to make a “to-read” list so I can have my books lined up.


The second page of this spread is actually an opener for my routines. I actually started these next spreads in 2020 around the time I stopped using my bujo, so one of three of them were unfinished. I made it my mission to include them again this year, and actually finish them. Honestly, I LOOOVE these spreads, and I hope you do too!


My skincare routine spread does not have doodles, because my products tend to change really often. But that does not mean I will not eventually add some doodles. I just wanted to outline it for myself. The second spread of routines is full of doodles and probably my favorite spread of this bujo.


I plan on doing these routines on mornings and nights when I’m off work, because I know I won’t be able to do my full night routine right after work, except skincare. And I know the following morning I’m going to want to sleep in a bit. So essentially, they will be modified during work days.

Vow Renewal Planning

Yes, we are planning to renew our vows this year. Our 10th year wedding anniversary is next month, February. We are planning this for May, hopefully, if we can make it work. Otherwise it might just be a lowkey thing. I definitely want it to be a bigger celebration than what we had for our wedding, but we will see.


This is all I have so far. Just the opening page and an overview. I’m sure I’m missing a few things that are not on the list, but I noted the basics. I left four full spreads blank after this to have plenty of room to plan it all out.

And that’s my bujo set up for 2022! 🙂


January Set Up

Ok, so since I didn’t have time to prepare my bujo before the new year started, I didn’t want to put much effort into January’s set up because I started using it mid-month. Therefore, I only have two weeks to work with this month.


So literally all I have for January are my weekly spreads. Next month should be full of other stuff like my mood/habit trackers, maybe some financial planning, etc. But for now, it’s very boring and simple, lol.


I’m not sure what the theme will be for February. I’m thinking something romantic but not really V-day stuff. It’s a huge milestone for my husband and me, and I’m very excited about it. I might have my work cut-out for me in next month’s bujo.

Alright everyone, that is my bujo set up for this year. I’m excited to get back into planning and doodling in this journal. If you guys have any ideas of spreads you think I should do, or maybe one you’d like to see me execute, let me know in the comments. 🙂

I hope you guys have a great rest of the week!


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