February 2022 Lantern Themed Bullet Journal

Hey all!

I’m doing something different this time around. Instead of posting my bullet journal at the beginning of the month, I thought I could post it at the end so you guys can see some of my spreads filled out (the fun ones).

So let’s get this started since you’ve waited all month long for it 🙂

Cover Page

It’s a very simple page. I didn’t have a quote prepared this time around but it does look like it’s missing something without it, so I will definitely try to include that this month.


As for the lantern theme, because it was Chinese Lunar New Year, I thought that theme would carry along well for the month. And it looks super cool honestly. I ended up recreating Amanda Rachel Lee’s theme from a few years ago for this one because I had no time to plan.



Just your basic calendar spread here. Again, recreated from Amanda’s youtube.


I do really like the criss-cross of the lanterns going in between the pages. I enjoyed coloring all those lanterns in too.


Mood & Habit Trackers

This has got to be my favorite spread this month. This is the reason I wanted to show you guys my bujo theme this month at the end, because as soon as I started to fill it out, I just couldn’t wait to see how great it would look.


It’s cool to see it filled in rather than blank, which is also cool too. But because it was a lantern theme, this spread looked a bit plain at the start of the month. It didn’t wow me, but THIS wow’s me for sure! And yes, as you can see I barely exercised, blogged, or hopped onto Instagram. I hope to do better. I know I’m flaky, but even once a month is a huge thing for me at the moment 🙂


Brain Dump

This is my second favorite spread. It just looks super cool. I’m showing you the blank page because I obviously don’t want you to see me plan ahead 😉



Weekly Spreads

This page looks cool but as I started trying to fill it out throughout the month, I realized it wasn’t the most efficient for me. There was not enough space horizontally for me to write, so I think this is a lesson for me that horizontal weekly spreads are more productive for me. I hated writing in my weekly spreads this week so barely anything went in there LOL.


Alright, that is it for my February bullet journal. I’m so excited for March’s theme. I would like to have a green theme again 🙂

How do you plan for the month?


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