April 2022 Minimalist Flower Bullet Journal

Hello again!

I posted my March bujo flip through earlier this week and here I am again, posting my April bullet journal. I’m not sure if you guys like seeing the spreads when I’m finished with them, or if you like seeing the spreads all filled in. Definitely let me know what you guys think.

I know it’s custom to show the entire thing before the month even begins, but given how little I’ve been around, I figured I could change it up and show you the spreads at the end of the month. But anyway, I’m rambling. Here’s this month’s theme, honestly I’m not all that into it, I feel like I didn’t execute it properly.

Cover Page






Weekly Spreads


Overall I didn’t like how this month’s theme turned out. I only had one photo as reference and I could not execute it well throughout, therefore I only like the cover page lol. I’ll redeem myself next month hopefully 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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