Evening Fun w/Friends — Mike Bennett Art & Fujiyama Sushi Bar

Hello everyone!

I wanted to recap a super fun evening I had with two friends from work (my old job). We made plans to get together and have dinner, and it just so happened that Mike Bennett had his art out at the time as well. It was the beginning of one of his new series, The A, B, Sea! 🙂 

Even though this evening happened what feels like forever ago (last year in April…yikes!), I still want to share it because of two reasons: dinner location and Mike Bennett!

Mike Bennett 

Firstly, this is not the first time I talk about Mike Bennett here. And the reason why I’m bringing him up is because he is a local artist bringing joy to everyone. As a Portlander, I know I can speak for a bunch of us, we are super proud of him and everything he has accomplished. Every time he does a new project, the amount of support he has from everyone here is amazing. I love to show my support to him as well by attending events where he showcases his art, so much so that I have purchased several things from him, this can literally be another post LOL.

But that aside, please, please follow him. It brings me joy to see a new project of his on my instagram feed. And he is also starting to sell his art in many different ways that is accessible to everyone across the country, so if you like his art, support him too! 🙂 He is super kind and this is the least I can do to get his name out there 🙂

Alright, so The A, B, Sea!


Every once in a while he has a few guests over and the time we went with friends, there happened to be two alpacas there, also Portland famous! 🙂 We decided to take a few pictures with them and feed them some carrots. This specific time we hadn’t taken CL with us, but we had previously taken him to see the first animal in the A, B, Sea series, so I’ll include that photo here.


After that we went to dinner to…..

Fujiyama Sushi Bar & Grill

If you know me, you know I’m not a fan of sushi, so you’re probably thinking “why go there then?” The thing is, my friend convinced me into going because they also had cooked sushi and said that I would love it. So I gave him the benefit of a doubt and went with an open mind, lol.


Because it has been so long since we were there, I cannot remember what we all got. I only remember the name of two out of four that Alex and I got. My friend also got me to try some of his and it wasn’t bad. I want to go back and really make a whole post on this and take more pictures, but don’t know when that will happen.


Anyway, here are some photos. The one that looks pretty with the avocado on top is the Timmy Special and the one with seaweed outside and deep fried is called Las Vegas. The other two I’m not sure but they were all delicious too.


I’m not sure what else my friend got but his were also good. It was such a fun time, I wish we could go back. I haven’t seen my friends since December, and now that mask mandates are lifted, I am hoping we can all get together again, provided my schedule coincides with theirs.


It’s nice to look back at some good memories even when the world is in chaos. I have been so stressed lately with work and other things, that taking a short break to blog, has been nice and therapeutic for me, in a way. I cannot wait to recap my Utah trip with both of my boys! It was super fun and loved every minute of it. I may even recap some stuff from October and November. Not sure. I just know I want to share what I’ve been up to because it’s not all gloom and doom over here.

I hope you guys are well, thanks for supporting me always!<3


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