Y Mountain Hike, Hogle Zoo Visit & an ATV Sunset Drive — Utah Vacation Part 2

Hello again everyone!

I am back again to share more from my Utah trip from last year. If you haven’t already read/seen the first part of this trip, I suggest you do if you like to see gardens. Let’s get started right away!

Y Mountain Hike

The next part of this trip is the Y Mountain hike I didn’t get to do when I was last there. Being that the weather over there was already in the upper 90’s during the day (hot, hot!), we (my sister, Alex and myself) decided that hiking at night would be too late, and it would be much* fresher early in the morning. So we did just that. We got up at 5:30am and made our way to Y Mountain for an early hike!

Note: Sorry for blurry/low quality photos. My phone doesn’t do well in low-light lol.


Luckily, my mom lives close to the mountain, so it was a 10 min drive there. I don’t remember how long it took us to get all the way to the top, but we had to take breaks at each turn because of how steep it was. I did also want to take pictures of each turn to document, but I’ll only include the best photos going up.

Y Mountain Hike; Turn 1
Y Mountain Hike; Turn 4
Y Mountain Hike; Turn 7

When we got to the top, the sun was barely going over the mountain, so of course the pictures are a little dark, but it was a nice view. We also saw a hot air balloon going up from one of the nearby colleges. Seeing a whole city from a mountain view was such a cool feeling, and even more so knowing I hiked all the way up there 🙂



Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City

We got ready for our next destination and headed north to Salt Lake City for the Hogle Zoo. I did have other things planned for that day, but we didn’t realize how long we would be there at the zoo, plus it was hot! Seriously, that mountain range is gorgeous!


It was a nice outing for CL as he really enjoyed it, and he got his traditional plushie that we typically get as a souvenir from either an aquarium or a zoo.



After the zoo, we were hungry and found a street taco stand in one of the main highways, I forgot the name, but boy were they delicious!! Totally authentic too, we all went back for seconds! 😀


Once we finished our food, we headed back home because we were going to drive for about an hour. Like I said, I had other plans to see other things in SLC, but we were unfortunately short on time. Maybe next time.

My mom took photos of Alex and me back at home, definitely some of my fave pictures with him, because he doesn’t likes taking pictures. I also want to mention how I bought him that outfit and other casual button downs, against his will. Now that’s all he wears. I swear I’ll have to make him do a whole men’s fashion lookbook for the blog LOL!!

ATVs & Sunsets

My mom and her husband decided to take us to ride ATVs. My first time doing something like that and it was a lot fun! CL rode in the biggest one with my sister as it would be the safest choice than the rest of us. Alex drove for us because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it myself LOL.

The weather felt fresh and we saw the most beautiful sunset ever.
I think this is a good place to end this post, with a lovely sunset. 🙂


Have you ever rode on an ATV?
What’s your favorite thing about the city you currently live in?


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