Provo Canyon & Bridal Veil Falls — Utah Vacation Part 3

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I meant to post our fourth and final day of our Utah trip in my part two post, but I felt like that post ran a little long. I had completely forgotten that we didn’t do so much on our last day, so this post will be rather short ;p

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Day Four

Our forth day started with us sleeping in a bit. We started packing all of our stuff and prepping to take off. But we weren’t leaving until the evening to drive an hour north to Salt Lake City. So we did a few things before our flight. Here’s a better view of Y Mountain.

Y Mountain

Like I said, this will be a very* short post. Even though we only did two more things, it was quite a bit of a drive so that took up most of our time. Seeing the mountain range was pretty amazing because our mountains here in Oregon are full of beautiful trees.

Provo Canyon


Our first stop was the Provo Canyon, which extends quite a few miles, but this area was a pretty good stop because there was a nice little park area where you could walk. There were so many people there so we took a short walk and took in the fresh air and all the mountain sights!


Bridal Veil Falls


The second and last stop was Bridal Veil Falls. Last time I went there the waterfall was much wider and had tons more water flowing. This time it was very small and we saw a few people trying to hike up to the top. Wish we could have done that but my son was not willing to let us go without him, but it was too dangerous for him to go too.


It was a great trip with my boys but it made it more special having my mom and sister there as well. In fact, I already miss them and hope to see them again soon! ❤



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