Weekend Getaway to Seattle Pt. 1 — Funko Headquarters & Mukilteo Lighthouse


Since I’ve already finished recapping my Utah trip from last June (about time am I right??), it is time to move on to my next trip, a weekend in Seattle!

We took this trip at the beginning of October in 2021. We were originally supposed to go to Seattle for a show to see Elderbrook, because when he announced his tour, he didn’t have a Portland show. In the end, the show got post-poned because someone in their crew got covid, and I didn’t get to buy tickets for the Portland show when it got added, so we essentially lost out on seeing Elderbrook live, which to this day, still bums me out!

We had already booked the hotel and thought we might as well go and spend the weekend there. We weren’t going to take CL either but it kind of worked out in the end and we made it a family trip, plus the pup. I’m sad as I’m writing this post because I didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do. On the bright side, I enjoyed the weekend to the fullest.

Day One:

We woke up really early in the morning to make our way out around 6am. We made several pit stops for the kiddos to stretch their legs and for us to eat our breakfast. We headed straight to Everett, WA to visit the Funko Headquarters.


We arrived with some time to spare before they opened at 11am, so we took Tsuki out for a potty break as we had to leave her in the car.  We got in pretty much right away despite there being a line, and I was immediately blown away and overwhelmed by how cute everything looked inside! I took pictures with my favorites, of course!

photobombed by my child 😛


this is my favorite shot!

We bought so much stuff I’m embarrassed to admit the amount of money I spent there, but we collect Funko pops, so I guess it’s justified? We have a whole case full of them in our living room. Maybe I’ll do some sort of post about our collections later.


When we left the Funko Headquarters, we decided to look for lunch. We found a teriyaki place nearby and I’m sad I didn’t get a picture of the food or took note of the name because it was delicious! We also had stopped by a park near there called Grand Avenue Park, which has the coolest bridge to go down to the pier, which we did. I am so mad at myself for not getting any photos of all of this, but if you’re ever in Everett, you must go see it. It’s a nice little walk.

Alex took a picture of what it looks like from the top of the park. It’s quite a view.


Afterwards, we headed out to Forest Park, also in Everett. I seem to only have videos of CL (of course) but the park is really cool and has lots of different and unique play structures. I took Tsuki on a walk while CL played and I found a little hiking area a little ways from the playground. It felt like the hiking trails in Oregon so I felt right at home. I love the PNW for this!


We decided to start making our way back to Seattle, but I found a lighthouse and I had never seen one in person, so I told Alex we needed to stop by. It was a nice little detour as we also found some delicious ice cream from a window attached to Diamond Knot Brewery & Alehouse. I’m still not sure if it was a pop-up because Google maps doesn’t show anything but the craft house.


Anyway, the Mukilteo Lighthouse is great! We of course took a walk there as well and soaked some sun rays and sat around until we finished our ice cream. The view of the sea surrounding that area was also a really great view and hearing the waves crashing was also therapeutic.


We got back in the car to head to the hotel but there was a lake I wanted to check out, Green Lake Park. It was packed full of people but it was also a nice walk. The lake is actually pretty big and you can walk around the whole lake, but we didn’t want to do that. I only have a picture of CL on a tree, because Tsuki was pulling me during our walk, but I highly recommend you check it out.


Shortly after we went to the hotel to check in, dropped off our stuff and headed out to get some food.  We found a spot behind a restaurant with the coolest view in their outdoor seating area. Alex got a picture of this too.


I did not realize how long I would have to wait for food, and it was not the best, but yikes! It took an hour and a half between traffic and waiting for food. I just wanted to rest when I got to the hotel. CL was the cutest just laying in the bed.


Again, I’m sorry I didn’t take enough photos. Next time we travel I’ll take more.
Come back next week for part 2! 🙂

Where have you gone recently?


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3 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway to Seattle Pt. 1 — Funko Headquarters & Mukilteo Lighthouse

  1. This looks like such a fun trip, Rossy! I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle. The Funko Headquarters looks so cool! I love all the photos you took. What a cool memorable trip, and hopefully you make your way to the teriyaki place again someday.

    Grand Avenue Park looks lovely, and it appears to have been a lovely day! The ice cream looks delicious too. You all got to see and do some really fun things. The city lights reflecting off the lake look so dreamy.

    I haven’t went anywhere cool lately, unfortunately, haha. We don’t have any travel plans at the moment, but hopefully we’ll do more things in the future!

    I look forward to part 2 of this trip! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely visit Seattle sometime. There’s so much to see and do it’s great! And the Funko headquarters was so much fun. It’s a smaller place than I imagined but they still used all that space in the best way. I highly recommend going there you can also make your own funko lol

      I wish I would have taken better photos of Grand Ave Park cause it was lovely! We spent at least 30 or 40 mins there lol.

      Aww hopefully once autumn comes around there are more things to do there like a pumpkin patch and what not


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