September 2022 Mushroom Themed Bullet Journal

Hello everyone!

Welcome back! I hope you had a great week. I completely forgot that it was the first of the month today, so instead of recapping part 2 of my Seattle trip, (see part 1 here), I have to show you guys my September bullet journal first. I believe you’ll really be pleased. I think it’s one of my best ones yet this year (and overall as well).

I had way more time to plan this one and execute it properly, I am so happy with how it turned out. I feel like this past year I’ve just been making simpler themes due to lack of time. While simple is sometimes great, I really missed having the ability to be more creative with the doodles and layouts. That is why I’m so giddy about this one. I hope you’ll like it too!

Cover & Calendar Pages:

This cover page is my most elaborate one to date. I drew the mushrooms identical to PlantBasedBride on Youtube. She used water based paint and I tried to match her palette as close as possible. I ended up using an apricot crayon for the mushroom stems in some spreads. It’s a lot harder to blend markers, especially on this bujo as the pages bleed a lot, and you may see lots of bleeding in almost every page.

I also liked how she used “tabs” by cutting away the edge of the page. I’ve always wanted to experiment with cutting to make it look a little more appealing and this definitely took this month’s theme to the next level. I love how it looks now. My only mistake was not cutting the last page as it is visible from the front. πŸ˜›

Next is the calendar page (first tab) which is super simple. I won’t be spending too much time on this one, just need it for big reminders, etc.

I did add some mushroom doodles at the bottom so it wouldn’t be empty. I guess I could have done more but the cover page alone took so much time I didn’t want to spend the extra time on a spread I don’t use daily.

Mood Tracker:

The second tab has my mood tracker. As I mentioned, I missed doodling so this was the perfect theme to go all out. I don’t know if I’ve ever done a whole spread for my mood tracker, normally I use only one page. I liked having this much space though, all the doodles are spread out and the spread looks cute! Makes me want to come back to this daily.

This spread was so much fun to draw, it felt therapeutic drawing every single mushroom. I even went back and added extra lines to the mushroom stems and a few tops for added texture. Since I had six tabs, each in different color, I decided to use all 6 colors for my mood key. I cannot wait to see what it will look like at the end of the month. Hopefully we see a lot of gold/light brown in here. πŸ™‚

Brain Dump:

It feels like it has been a while since I had a brain dump page in my monthly spreads, but in reality I’ve had one almost every month, I just never got to use it. I have a lot of deadlines and ideas for content this month and next, so this spread may serve me well for that. I love how simple and spacious this spread looks too. I also like how the mushroom tops color leads into the next tab of the same color. Happy accident!

Habit Trackers:

You’ll notice I separated my mood and habit trackers completely this month. I liked having this much space if I’m being honest. I added extra trackers to take up more space. I normally have my trackers in one single spread but after flipping through my previous months, I’ve noticed my habit trackers look and feel chaotic or cluttered, and my mood tracker too cramped (with big geometric designs as an exception). You might have also noticed the fun/hobby habits are on the right side and the others that feel more like chores are on the left. I wanted to make that distinction this time and see how that goes and looks. Seems more organized, yeah?

I feel like separating my mood and habit trackers in this manner is a good compromise for this month considering it’s very artsy. I’m not sure if I will keep this going next month because writing in all those numbers several times made my hand cramp up so much!!! I need to find stamps. The idea for this spread came from this Pin here. I liked the layout using boxes for each habit, but made it my own by putting the doodles right in the middle to attract attention to the middle of the page.

IG Planner:

This is new and I only decided to add it because I’ve been using a format like this on a random notebook. It’s an addition not only for the tab page itself (I didn’t know what else I could put here), but it’s useful and serves a purpose. The way I use this spread is I start on the right page, right to left, bottom to top. That may seem confusing, but this method allows me to plan out how the feed will look when it’s organized by three’s.

Anyway, I understand me explaining it here is meaningless because no one cares about this but me, lol. Either way, this is helpful to me as I won’t be scrambling to figure out what I’ll be posting next. It will also give me time to write up my caption and just copy and paste. If anyone is interested in me showing how it works and how I use it, I’d be more than happy to do a video or reel explaining. Otherwise, disregard anything I said just now πŸ˜€

Weekly Spreads:

My last tab/spread has my weekly spreads. Again, I didn’t want to do what I’ve already been doing, so I took to Pinterest once more and found several cute boxy layouts which worked out perfectly for the page I did cut out. I made the mistake of not cutting the right page too as you can see the outlined boxes from the cover page, but that’s ok. Lesson learned.

Anyway, this spread looks really cool, simple, minimal, and organized. Every day is separated by lines, so there is no need to overlap spaces with each one as that is what’s been happening lately in some weekly spreads. If I like this boxy layout, I will keep experimenting with it. I’ve seen so many cool layouts like this one that look so creative and neat. Can’t wait for next month to plan and play around with this concept some more.

So that is it. I know I was a chatterbox today but I missed blogging and wanted to take you through my thought process of how inspired I was this time around. I noticed my doodles have also improved so this felt like an accomplishment. I feel like I’ll be able to organize my life a little better this month and find some sort of routine for myself.

Do you also have a bullet journal or planner?
How do you organize your life?

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