Weekend Getaway to Seattle Pt. 2 — Kerry Park, Alki Beach & Culichi Town

Hello again!

Here we are at part 2 of our weekend getaway in Seattle! My apologies for not posting last week, I completely forgot I needed to post my September Bujo first. Let’s keep going with our second/last day of our weekend, even though it’s a much shorter day.

Day Two

The following morning, we woke up to have breakfast at the hotel and we packed up all our stuff and checked out at 11am. We decided to do a bit more sight-seeing before heading back home. We honestly didn’t do much this day as we were going to be driving back home.

Our first stop was Kerry Park which has a great view of the Space Needle and the whole of downtown Seattle. This was a short stop as we were only there to take a few pictures. It was starting to get crowded anyway.


I found a beach not too far so we headed there next. The one thing I loved was the underground tunnel beneath downtown Seattle which is like the coolest thing ever! I have to do that again when we are in Seattle next time.

Anyway, we went to Alki Beach. The weather perked up by the time we got there and we also found parking quite close, so it was a short walk. I walked Tsuki to the water while CL played on the sand. We walked around a bit on the beach and then sat on a log and took in the view.


On the way back to our car, we stumbled across Natalie’s on Alki which had some pretty amazing drinks! We got three drinks; Passion Fruit Jasmine Tea, Passion Fruit Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade. So delicious!


From Alki Beach we went straight to Tacoma to stop by for some lunch at Culichi Town. It took a lot longer to get there due to the traffic.


We found this place by accident, so we made it our mission to stop and try it on our way back home. Alex basically makes this same kind of sushi and as good as this was, I’m partial to the one Alex makes 🙂 I cannot remember the names of what we got but they hit the spot. Alex also got some ceviche, it was appetizing!


I’ve talked about Alex’s sushi a lot, we had some while we were in Vegas (also good) and now this one. It’s quite close to what Alex makes, I really recommend if you’ve never had Mexican sushi before. So so good. I also loved the big mason jar lemonades, very refreshing.


Once we devoured our food and hung out for a while at the restaurant, we decided to start making our way back home for the rest of the evening. We made several pit stops on the way again and I also helped Alex drive home. My first time driving my subie in the freeway. Exhilarating!

Have you guys been to Seattle?
When and where was your last vacation?


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