30 Things Before 30 — UPDATED!

Hello everyone!

As I was fixing and updating the blog, I came across my 30 before 30 list. I took a look at it and realized I haven’t even completed one third of it! This makes me sad because I will be turning 30 next month. Therefore, I thought I could make some changes to it.

I did have to add a few new items that are more plausible to complete within the next month, which may seem like cheating. However, given how much time was taken away from us during the pandemic, and how I had pre-written this list before then, I really thought I had about 4 years to complete it all. Then I started working during the pandemic, and that got in the way. Now I have changed jobs yet again and have a month left. I’m really determined to do as much of it as I can though and I feel like this will lead to some growth as well.

I tried to keep some previous items within a spectrum instead of going to extremes. For instance, “eating an expensive five course meal” turned into “eat an expensive meal”. Even though I have a month left, it’s really not a lot of time considering I will also be working and doing my everyday duties as a mom and wife. But I will* find the time to try and finish this list. Here we go…

Learn to drive a manual

Super important with these gas prices, not to mention fun. Two things that lead me to want to pursue this kind of goal were:

  1. me getting bored driving an automatic—the cruises/drives were not as fun anymore, and
  2. my first dream car was a manual—ty Alex for buying my dream car for my birthday!

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Get a job

For almost 7 years I was a stay-at-home mom. While I enjoyed seeing my little one hit all his milestones and be able to spend time with him during his SPD diagnosis early on, I really missed feeling like something other than just a mom or wife. I felt like I needed something else to define me. So I am on a missing to restarting my career and finding a job suited for me.

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Pay off credit card debt

Truth be told, debt sucks. I have done this time and time again, so I will mark it as completed. However, lots of emergencies have put us in the hole again. While I don’t expect to pay it all of in the next month, seeing how much we can clear it will be nice to see next month. It will take a lot of budgeting and management.

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Set a reading goal

I used to have a ton of time to read and now it feels like I haven’t been able to pick up a book since January. I have already previously set a goal and got quite close. I will mark this as completed for that reason and will also try again next year to break my previous record.

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Get My FIRST tattoo

I always wanted to get ink and now that I have gotten one, I want more. I may not be able to get more in the next month as they are expensive and I want to pay off some debt, but I will have some fun designing some and researching places to get them done.

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Get a pet

You guys already know this one is completed. I have gotten fish, a hamster, and recently (I really mean last year) a dog.

READ: Meet Our New Family Member: Tsuki

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Start a collection

I thought hard about what to collect and my collections sort of just happened, I didn’t even plan it. I will most likely share those collections with you in the near future 🙂

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Tell my family I love them every day

This is a goal I hope becomes a part of my every day life, and so far it has. I don’t get tired of telling my family that I love them.

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Ditch negative people and things

I have done a lot of personal growth these last few years and stood up for myself in more ways than one. I am so happy about making this decision for myself. I have never felt better.

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Take a road trip

I would have liked this to have been an out-of-state road trip, but the pandemic cut our time short. However, I did take a road trip to the coast earlier this year which I will actually be sharing next month. I’m so excited to show you guys everything we did and saw!

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Take better care of myself

I feel like I could always do better for myself and my mental and physical health. Therefore this goal will be on-going. Even so, I plan on creating a better and healthy routine for myself starting tomorrow.

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

See my favorite music artists

I’ve gotten to see so many artists over the years and a lot of them really are favorites. Just last night I finally got to see Gorillaz live and it was amazing!!

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Send snail mail to friends/family

I have not completed this yet and I thought about how no one does this anymore. I will be reaching out to some friends for their address and sending them some old fashioned handwritten letters with the best paper and stickers along with a few photos/postcards. I’ll have to get creative. 🙂

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

Start a 401k

I have been working for 2 years now, and have been unable to start my 401k due to debt, and also not earning enough to pay all our bills. Inflation sucks. I hope with my new job I am able to start a 401k lol.

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

Learn cooking skills

I know many skills but I really need to put my cooking skills to the test and see if what I know makes a difference. Wish me luck. I will be trying new and old recipes and perfecting them if I’m able to

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

Do a social media cleanse

I have done this many times over the last few months if you guys haven’t noticed lol. Been gone on and off I feel like I got a good break from social media in general and it was really freeing.

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Try a new hobby

I have started a new hobby but now I have to really commit to it, merely trying it is not good enough for me. Plus it’s a hobby that I used to be really passionate about, so stay tuned to the blog because I will be sharing that with you soon.

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

Stop holding grudges

I have learned to let things go, specially when things are out of my control. It is still technically a work in progress, but when it has to do with other people that I don’t vibe or get along with, it has become easier for me to distance myself from holding on to so much anger. Instead, I’m making those steps towards forgiving people and giving people the benefit of a doubt. The law of reflection is such a huge help to me when it comes to this.

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Practice self-reflection and self-love

I feel like I do this on and off and it needs to be a daily thing that I do. Therefore, I will be practicing this until next month and see how that changes my mood, confidence, and self-esteem.

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

Spend money on experiences, not material things

Have done this hundreds of times, but the final month in my 20s is not over yet. I want to make many more memories.

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

Run a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon

Technically I have finished this twice? I have done two 5K runs as you will see in an upcoming post next week.

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Learn to get organized

This is still a work in progress. I love to get my stuff organized and I am challenging myself to finish organizing my home for good because I have been putting this off for far too long.

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

Accept and be at peace with myself

As I mentioned above, I can always do more personal growth and self-improvement and this goal is no different. I need to really accept myself for who I am at this very moment instead of constantly punishing myself for not being where I would have liked to be. My life path does not follow the path of others, I have had my own set of unique circumstances, and I am where I need to be, at this moment in time. Patience is all I need to succeed.

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

Eat an expensive meal

Alex and I ate at a fine dining establishment a few years ago for our 8th wedding anniversary. It was a lot fun. We got dressed up and truly enjoyed and gushed about how amazing the food was. We hope to be able to have another similar experience soon.

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Go wine tasting or visit a winery

I am not a huge fan of wine, but I also say I have not tried a wide variety nor have I found out which type is my favorite. I think going to a winery will expand my taste and also I will get to learn more about how wine is made and also experience something out of the norm and comfort zone.

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

Book a vacation

I’ve booked several vacations over the years. Feel free to check out my travel category to see where I have gone these last few years. I had wished to go on another vacation closer to my birthday but I honestly do not see that happening.

STATUS: [ √ Completed ]

Travel solo

I am trying so hard to make this happen but it is really hard to find the time to do this when Alex is also home to take care of CL. We will see if I can do a solo trip even if it’s not that far away or to a place where I’ve already gone.

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

Have one full day alone

Being a mom is a huge responsibility. I cannot go anywhere without my munchkin because he is so attached to me. Even a simple night out can be a bit overwhelming for him and he typically does not like staying at other people’s houses for long. Even so, I need to find some time alone. I will need to come up with a whole agenda/schedule/itinerary for when I can make this happen.

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

Get serious about saving money

Even though I’m debt, I think saving is still a very possible thing. We kind of went through our savings to pay for the very important things, but it’s also hard to pay for everything when you need them (like fixing your car or getting new tires, none of that is cheap!). I want to set a goal of saving a certain amount of money before next month as well as setting up some budgets for us to still be able to pay our bills.

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

Learn how to be more present

My schedule can get quite busy even I don’t have to work. Sometimes I just put a lot of things on my plate and stress myself out. Being more present will allow me to not miss and overlook things. I also think being more present and practicing mindfulness will bring me far more peace.

STATUS: [ √ Not Finished ]

So there you have it, my goals for the next month. I do hope I am able to come close to completing this list, even if I don’t complete it 100%. Wish me luck. I want this to be fun more than stressful.

Have you started your 30 before 30 list?
Is there anything in this list you would like to do?

(Does not have to be before 30!)

Have an amazing weekend!

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