Oregon Coast Trip: Astoria, Tillamook, Neskowin & Lincoln City — Day One

Hi everyone!

Finally I get to recap our trip to the Oregon Coast from earlier this year in May! It was such a fun and explorative weekend. In addition to visiting a few places we have been to before, we decided to go to some scenic viewpoints and tourist attractions.


We had planned to be out the door by 7am but ended up leaving closer to 8am. Since we would be driving south through the coast, that meant heading northwest to Astoria to begin our trip. We arrived around 10am to Astoria and we went straight to the Astoria column.

The Astoria Column

Built in 1926, this 126-ft. column features murals of Oregon history & an observation deck with a 360 degree view. I found out the column has 164 steps and takes roughly 30 mins to climb.

I did want to climb to the top, but there was a school group with a lot of teenagers and CL and Alex were not in the mood to go. I skipped it and will leave it for another time when we return to Astoria. This city literally has so much to offer besides all the good food.

I let Tsuki out here to stretch her legs and we ran back and forth with her. Even though it was a bit cloudy/foggy and cold, we sure loved the view. Tsuki enjoyed sniffing the grass and CL liked rolling down the hill. I also took lots of pictures of our car here.

The view from here was pretty gorgeous. I wish I would have stayed longer.

I wanted to get closer to the Astoria-Megler Bridge because it’s such an iconic structure, but I couldn’t find a decent spot and gave up. We headed to the next destination from here, just across the bay in Warrenton.

The Wreck of Peter Iredale

The Peter Iredale ran ashore October 25, 1906 on the Oregon coast, en route to the Columbia River. Apparently the ship was bound for Portland where it was to supposed to pick up a cargo of wheat for the UK. It was abandoned in Fort Stevens State Park and is now one of the most accessible shipwrecks on the west coast. It has remained there, slowly decaying, for more than a century.

This shipwreck has been on my list for so long and I’m glad it was low-tide when we went because we had clear access to it. Seeing the rusted steel skeleton up-close was a cool thing to experience because shipwrecks are not a common thing on a beach.

I had to get a few car shots too here as well because it was empty!

Once I was happy with the amount of photos and videos, we wanted to get a quick drink and found The Human Bean nearby. I got a chai latte, my go-to, and it was delicious.

We continued down highway 101 and stopped at Silver Point Interpretive Overlook for a quick look and photo and continued driving to Tillamook.


We stopped at the Tillamook Country Smoker Factory Outlet because Alex wanted jerky. We got out to stretch our legs and give our Pookie Bear a break as well. Afterwards, we went straight to the Tillamook Creamery, a very popular place.

Tillamook Creamery

We hadn’t been there since they renovated the entire building (and during the pandemic) but it looks great, both inside and out. They have plenty of space for everything such as their gift shop, food and ice cream lines. They also have plenty of sitting indoor and some benches outside. It is very streamlined for the amount of visitors they get daily. We only toured the place to see what it looks like now and decided to come back through on our way home.

The Goodspeed House
(A Friend’s Home)

In Tillamook we made a detour to visit a friend of Alex, Peter, who had moved to Tillamook months before our trip. Thanks to them we rented a place to stay at the coast for the weekend. More on that later…

Tsuki got to meet their three dogs, I cannot remember their names except for Evie (?) the pitbull who was such a sweetheart. They too have a beagle who was super cute and a chihuaha mix who kept approaching me for pets. ❤

Tsuki sniffed the entirety of their backyard, totally the beagle in her. I was so proud of her for behaving herself and not being aggressive with their dogs. Controlled environments like this to give her room to roam make me feel good about letting her loose.

Anyway, back to our hosts… Peter and his wife Natalie gave us a tour of their house (The Goodspeed House) built in 1890 by one of Tillamook’s founding members, Eli Goodspeed. Lots of history in this area. The whole house was renovated and looks amazing. They have opened up their home to guests as Natalie is a host on airbnb. I highly recommend you book your stay at their house if you’re ever in the area.

They were unfortunately already booked for the weekend we went, but we still got to stay at their other property in Siletz Bay (Lincoln City), an hour south of Tillamook. We stayed with them for about an hour chatting but decided to leave because they were cleaning and getting the suite ready for the next guest. They are both great people and I hope I get to see them again soon.

Blue Heron French Cheese Company

Both Natalie and Peter suggested we go to Blue Heron French Cheese Company so we added this stop to our itinerary before heading south to Lincoln City. You guyyyssss…… IT WAS AMAZING!

They had a petting zoo area with goats and donkeys. We even saw a few peacocks walking around! You can buy feed for them as well which was a nice bonus. Feeding the donkeys was my favorite part. CL also enjoyed it too, they were so soft and gentle!

I tried feeding the brown/white goat on the left and it literally stole it all and ate the bag along with the food, I couldn’t believe it and could not help but laugh. I’m glad I recorded it too. If anyone wants to see that, just go to my oregon coast ’22 highlights on my IG.

This peacock got so close to me, I tried so hard to stay still so I wouldn’t spook it.

When we finished feeding the animals we decided to head inside to see what kind of stuff they had. I didn’t take a picture of the main shop because it was a bit tight and crowded for such a small space, but they had a menu. Alex got a grilled cheese I think? They had cheese for sale and a bunch of other cool, handmade things, as well as drinks, snacks, and all that good stuff.

The second building right next to the main one was their Candy Shop! So cute!

They had the cutest display right as your enter with lots of stuff set up around it.
It was the cutest little shop ever!

CL certainly had fun inside the candy shop.

I tried to take several pictures of the inside because it was empty but they were about to close so we tried to hurry. I got some kombucha and a Hello Kitty cherry lime soda from there and CL some candies. I wish we would have arrived a bit earlier but it was already past 4pm. Their courtyard is also pretty cute with a few benches to sit and have lunch outside. However, it was getting cold so we got back in the car.

Alex drove out and stopped at a random park to take Tsuki out for a potty break and for us to eat lunch. After we ate a bit of lunch we went to our last stops for the day in Neskowin.


Winema Lake Viewpoint

As I planned this trip, I looked for scenic spots and viewpoints down the highway to stop at as we drove. Even though the constant stopping can be annoying, I enjoyed seeing how much the scenery changes from one spot to another. Winema Lake was one of those viewpoints I found.

I had CL sit on this ledge with me and have Alex take some photos and of course, got some real candid photos. Literally one of my favorite photos of CL and me was in this location:

How cute is he? He was showing me his candies, lol!

After a quick photo session, we got back in the car and kept driving south.

Neskowin Ghost Forest & Beach

We had a nice little walk down Neskowin beach, but were unable to see the ghost forest due to high tide. The “forest” is actually in the water/near the shore. A powerful earthquake shifted an ancient sitka spruce forest into the tidal zone about 2,000 years ago. The tree stump graveyard is visible only at low tide and makes for quite a sight!

The Neskowin Ghost Forest would be off to the left in the photo above. Since there was too much water in between us and the other side of the shore we were unable to cross. And since the tide was too high we would not have been able to see the stumps anyway. Still we had a great view of both the shore and the ocean.

Missed an opportunity but had an absolute blast! Maybe another time.
The coast has so many gems like this one, it’s worth exploring it all.

Lincoln City

We made it to the house we would be staying at by 7pm. We unloaded the car, had a snack, and drove to the beach area nearby so Tsuki and CL could run around before it got dark. This beach area was practically empty but it was cool to see the sunset partially.

I’m not sure what CL was doing in the background LOL

I made a reel of Tsuki from videos of this beach and Neskowin.
Love how she just kept her nose to the ground. My cute hound!

Once it got too cold and windy we decided to head back and have a proper meal and turn the firepit on before heading to bed. What a fantastic end to a great day.

Jetty Tiny Home in Siletz Bay

This tiny home is located in Lincoln City, in Siletz Bay, and is a great location. Not too far from restaurants and other sight-seeing spots, not to mention a beach within walking distance. This was our first time seeing/staying in a tiny home and the experience was super cool. It made me realize that we do not need a lot of things to get by.

It was very clean, super organized and it was stocked up with pretty much whatever you could need. They did have extra snacks but we had brought our own so there was no need to go through the stash they had there. I appreciated how thoughtful Natalie was about setting up the sofa bed for us even though there was a bed on the top area. Great call on that because CL refused to head up the ladder, lol.

I definitely want to stay at this tiny home again in the future. Natalie has such a great eye for decorating, all the little details made it an enjoyable stay. I honestly cannot wait to plan the next trip and see things we missed this time around. We ended our night by the firepit and drinking our tea and just enjoying the quiet night and seeing the stars a bit. Overall a great first day!

Here’s a reel I created from that evening at the tiny home:

Stay tuned for the rest of our trip in the upcoming weeks! 🙂

Some questions for you:
  • Have you ever visited the Oregon Coast or the West Coast?
  • Which coast is closest to you?
  • Have you ever seen/been inside a tiny home?
  • Would you stay in a tiny home?

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