Happy Birthday to Us: Car Photoshoot with My 1992 Mazda Miata

Hello everyone!

How fitting and what perfect timing to do a post like this one!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Today is my actual birthday and to celebrate the big 3-0 (!), I had a vision for a photoshoot.

First of all, I wanted the photoshoot to be with my car because:

  1. it’s literally my DREAM car and favorite, possibly ever!
  2. My husband bought me this car for my birthday, 7 years ago! (Ironically, that’s also my favorite number!)
  3. It is also the big 3-0 for my car as it was released in ’92! (Is that a coincidence or synchronicity?) And lastly,
  4. it’s the whole identity of my personal Instagram (my handle is in honor of my car!)

Photo taken on Oct. 25th, 2015

Since my car is red with a white hood and rims, I wanted to match with it. In my vision, I saw myself wearing a red dress and to amazement, I actually found one! Sadly, I do not own white shoes and it was too late to find a pair, so I made do with a pair of black heeled boots I own.

If you want to see more of my outfit, or a better look at it, you can read my latest blog post over on AyR Galaxy. That post is geared more towards the outfit than my car. 🙂

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I find it really cool that I share my birthday year with my car (kind of). Back when my husband had found this car, I only cared about the pop-up headlights and didn’t care what year it was. Over the years though, the fact that it’s from ’92 has become more and more special as my 30th birthday neared.

I had a lot of ideas back then of things I wanted to do to my car, but none of them came to be due to lack of money to put towards it. Also, for the longest time I felt like I would never properly learn how to drive it (it’s manual), but it all came so easy once I got the hang of it. I cannot imagine driving an automatic anymore. This car is simply so much fun.

The major things I’ve done was change the hood to a white one, changed the rims, added a quick release with an NRG wheel, my husband added a lip at the front, and I also added door panels which my husband recently wrapped as well. I remember when I named it “Meowta” because it sounded a lot like Miata. Once I took notice of all the white accents, it dawned on me that it looked like a Hello Kitty figurine I used to have when I was young, one with a red dress/overalls. I’m not sure if that will ever stick, especially if I change the paint or wrap it, but for now, I’m liking the idea of making it Hello Kitty themed on the inside. We will see…

I’ve been told to sell my car many times and “get a new one” but this car is just too cute. It’s my dream car and is super fun to drive. I also cannot get over the pop-up headlights and how it looks like it’s always smiling. That’s a smile you cannot beat!

I want to thank my husband Alex for taking some of these pictures.
This photoshoot was so much fun and it was a fun way to welcome my 30’s 🙂

I will see you all back next Wednesday! 🙂
Thanks for stopping by! xx

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