Happy Birthday & Gotcha Day, Tsuki!

Hello again!

Yes, this is another birthday post! We are throwing it back to August 21st, which luckily landed on a Sunday. The 19th was my last day at work (I’ll talk about this another time) so I was super happy and glad that I could be home with my family and also with Tsuki on such a special day.

In August 2021, we adopted this gorgeous, rambunctious doggo, and we haven’t looked back. She has brought such joy to our lives despite all the growing and training she needs to do, but we literally could not be happier. I miss her everyday when I go to work.

Anyway, when we adopted her they estimated her to be around 2 years old but her paperwork had different “birthdays”. They typically use a dog’s intake date as their birthday for paperwork purposes, but Alex and I decided that it would be a better idea to celebrate her gotcha day and birthday on the same day, so we don’t keep guessing when she was truly born.

Alex took her to get groomed earlier in the week so she was all ready the day of. I bought her a cute little dress which fit her a little weird, to be honest. In the future I think I’ll be more careful when it comes to clothes for her. We also took her out for a short walk and got lots of things ready for her “party” as we were going to have a few friends over.

I did buy a cute dog cake from Hip Hound and added a few extra goodies for her. I added two duck feet, a personalized banner, and of course a little bunny toy. The cake looked super cute, but not gonna lie, it was expensive, ha!

Later in the evening when our friends came over, we had dinner with them and waited a little before singing “Happy Birthday” to Tsuki and giving her, her birthday cake. She really enjoyed the cake, she practically devoured the piece I gave her. I made sure to save a piece for my brother’s dog, Sophie. I don’t remember if it was a beef and peanut butter cake, but I believe they have a few other options.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few photos from that day because she really means so much to us and we just want to share her with you guys as well. Our little girl is now 3 years old and is heading into her second Christmas with us this year, and even though we are moving, I hope the change brings her joy because she’ll get to have a big yard. πŸ™‚

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