Pocket Monsters

The creator of Pokemon, Satoshi Taijiri, liked to explore and collect insects when he was a child. He wanted to share that hobby with everyone but since not everyone had the same means to do that, he turned it into a video game instead.

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2020 Kick off starts with 20 songs!

Today is January 20th, we kick off 2020 with 20 songs!

What do I listen to? That can be quite a loaded question so instead I’ll make lists of music I’ve listened to throughout my lifetime. I’ll start in the present so its not music that has been too outdated, not that there is such a thing cause music is timeless.

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Music is my first love, it will always be my last.

“Music Monday’s” is going to be a series dedicated to music and all music related things. I don’t have much to go on other than music I like to listen to, music videos, concerts I’ve been to and just growing up as my music library expanded. I hope to share my experiences with music I’ve discovered throughout the years in forms of playlists or snippets of artists I really like. My wish is to expose you to as many songs as I can in hopes that you’ll find something that you might include in your next playlist. Many thanks and enjoy!

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