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30 Things Before 30 — My Current Progress

Happy Monday!

I cannot remember when I last posted this on my other blog, but I saved this list in order to cross off the items little by little. I did mean to post it sometime last year, but I had other things I wanted to post first. I loved that I was able to cross off some items when I looked at this list again, but I also realized that I wouldn’t be able to achieve a few so I ended up tweaking the list a bit.

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Rewind 2020: The Good Times


I’m sure many of you are tired of hearing about 2020, but I have been feeling so stuck and unmotivated and I felt like I needed to look back at the happy times from last year to get me going for this year. So I just want to recap the good times because we don’t seem to hear about that often. I was just to spread a little bit of positivity, hopefully it works. 🙂

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Recap — Summer 2020 Bucket List

Hi there everyone!

It’s mid-winter here already and I’m somehow still recapping my summer for you? Whack, I know, but that’s how things are sometimes. Let’s cross of bucket list items in a fun way by showing you photos!

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Bucket List Item: Read 52 Books in One Year

Hello there!

You might remember me telling you I would let you know if I completed my reading challenge or not. Truth is, I didn’t complete it! I was so bummed! After starting a new job in September, work consumed my life and even more so during the holidays. I practically had NO time at all to read the last 3 months of 2020.

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3D Modular Origami — My Neighbor Totoro


So excited to share more pieces of modular origami with you, this time it’s a three-for-one. This set is by far my favorite of all the ones I’ve done because it is also based on one of my favorite movies: My Neighbor Totoro.

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CL’s 4th Birthday — Super Mario Themed Birthday Party

Here we are! Another repost.

This post is one of my favorites because I got to see all my hard work on display for my son’s 4th birthday. I made so many DIY’s and everyone loved everything, it is by far the best birthday and have not been able to top this one to date hahahah!

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13 Super Mario Birthday Party DIY Crafts & Ideas!

Heyy guys and gals!

This post has attracted a lot of attention to my beauty blog since I posted it and since I have decided to separate my content, I thought it would be a good idea to start driving all that traffic to my new blog. In the future I will be doing more DIYs here, so I want everything to be in one place for your convenience. It is also fitting to be reposting this as my son’s birthday is coming up! So exciting!!

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Cars Themed Birthday Party — My Son Turned 3!


I got another repost because this is one of the posts that gets a ton of traffic from Pinterest. I did also want to update it for the Pinterest users who come to visit this post for ideas:

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