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Meet Our New Family Member: Tsuki

Hi guyss!

I have been so excited to introduce you guys to our new family member here on the blog. I’m sorry it has taken so long to share this with you on the blog as we’ve nearly had her for a year! If you follow me on my personal IG, you might have already seen her there. 🙂

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June 2022 Shell Themed Bullet Journal

Happy Wednesday!

Wanted to quickly share my bujo for this month. I realized a bit too late that I had already made a beach shells themed bujo in 2020, but I decided not to scrap this month’s theme and just continue. I got some inspo from a few spreads on Google and I really liked how it turned out.

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Provo Canyon & Bridal Veil Falls — Utah Vacation Part 3

Hii there and welcome back to my blog!

I meant to post our fourth and final day of our Utah trip in my part two post, but I felt like that post ran a little long. I had completely forgotten that we didn’t do so much on our last day, so this post will be rather short ;p

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May 2022 Minimalist Bullet Journal


Just here to share my May bujo, which is a very very minimalist look. I wanted to make it as basic as possible because it was going to be a very busy month for me. Lots of cleaning and organizing around the house, prepping and planning for an end-of-the-month trip, packing, and what not.

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Y Mountain Hike, Hogle Zoo Visit & an ATV Sunset Drive — Utah Vacation Part 2

Hello again everyone!

I am back again to share more from my Utah trip from last year. If you haven’t already read/seen the first part of this trip, I suggest you do if you like to see gardens. Let’s get started right away!

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Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point — Utah Vacation Part 1

Hello everyone!

Here I am FINALLY recapping our Utah trip from last year here on the blog. I did recap it on my Instagram feed, but didn’t really go into depth as much and it was also tough to choose a few pictures out of all the ones I have. We were there for about 3 ish days, though I don’t count the first day as we were flying over there and got there a bit late in the night. So I’ll show a few pictures during our flight and when we landed, etc.

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Evening Fun w/Friends — Mike Bennett Art & Fujiyama Sushi Bar

Hello everyone!

I wanted to recap a super fun evening I had with two friends from work (my old job). We made plans to get together and have dinner, and it just so happened that Mike Bennett had his art out at the time as well. It was the beginning of one of his new series, The A, B, Sea! 🙂 

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April 2022 Minimalist Flower Bullet Journal

Hello again!

I posted my March bujo flip through earlier this week and here I am again, posting my April bullet journal. I’m not sure if you guys like seeing the spreads when I’m finished with them, or if you like seeing the spreads all filled in. Definitely let me know what you guys think.

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