My Dairy-Free Arroz Con Leche Recipe

Hey everyone!

I figured it was an appropriate time to post this recipe now that it is getting colder here in Oregon. It is one I enjoy making often because it can be eaten hot or cold. I know some of you are waiting for a life update from me because I have been absent here on the blog this year. Believe me, it’s coming and I will keep it short. I am still gathering all the photos I’ve taken since and I will be sharing some stuff we did over the summer.

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Best Pizza in Town? β€” Alotta Wood Fired Pizza

Oh boy, oh boy! (Princess Jellyfish, anyone?)

I am so excited to tell you all about a relatively new-ish place here in Portland!

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A Week of Breakfast Smoothies + Recipes

Summer is practically here!

What a perfect time to be making smoothies! I grew up drinking them for breakfast or as a healthy snack. I kept making them as I got older and now that I have a child, I am trying to find different recipes to get some nutrients into him. Even though he still refuses (he is a very picky eater!).

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February Outings: Winter Light Festival, OMSI, and Lots of Food!

Hello loves!

I wanted to post my February recap before I start my Vegas recap. It’s been about a week since I got back and have been dealing with the chaos that came with the pandemic of COVID-19. I’m sure we are all at a point where we are all feeling the effects of closures of all kinds and near shortages of food in grocery stores. I hope you are all staying safe and practicing social distancing in these trying times. We will get through this. ❀

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Celebrating Our 8 Year Wedding Anniversary at Chart House Portland


I have been so freaking excited to write this post since it happened last month (February). However, I am also a bit saddened by the fact that we didn’t really take many photos because we were running late and it was cold outside. Really wanted to show you guys my banging new dress as well but again, not many great photos. 😦 Continue reading “Celebrating Our 8 Year Wedding Anniversary at Chart House Portland”

Splurging on Japanese Food at Yataimura Maru

Hii everyone!

Before I fill you guys in on our February recap, I wanted to share with you what we did for Valentine’s Day, but only where we went out to eat. It is no secret that Yataimura Maru is our favorite Japanese restaurant, so our Valentine’s Day date was not planned. We go there that often.

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