My Dairy-Free Arroz Con Leche Recipe

Hey everyone!

I figured it was an appropriate time to post this recipe now that it is getting colder here in Oregon. It is one I enjoy making often because it can be eaten hot or cold. I know some of you are waiting for a life update from me because I have been absent here on the blog this year. Believe me, it’s coming and I will keep it short. I am still gathering all the photos I’ve taken since and I will be sharing some stuff we did over the summer.

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A Week of Breakfast Smoothies + Recipes

Summer is practically here!

What a perfect time to be making smoothies! I grew up drinking them for breakfast or as a healthy snack. I kept making them as I got older and now that I have a child, I am trying to find different recipes to get some nutrients into him. Even though he still refuses (he is a very picky eater!).

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