Happy Birthday & Gotcha Day, Tsuki!

Hello again!

Yes, this is another birthday post! We are throwing it back to August 21st, which luckily landed on a Sunday. The 19th was my last day at work (I’ll talk about this another time) so I was super happy and glad that I could be home with my family and also with Tsuki on such a special day.

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Crypto-Zoo Museum, Frog Pond Farm and a 5K Bubble Run!

Hello everyone!

Throwing it back once more to October of last year! I am not sure if we will be doing these kinds of activities again this year since my work schedule is changing, but I will try my hardest to go back to the farm for the pumpkin patch and whatever other activities they might have this season and next.

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30 Things Before 30 β€” UPDATED!

Hello everyone!

As I was fixing and updating the blog, I came across my 30 before 30 list. I took a look at it and realized I haven’t even completed one third of it! This makes me sad because I will be turning 30 next month. Therefore, I thought I could make some changes to it.

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Meet Our New Family Member: Tsuki

Hi guyss!

I have been so excited to introduce you guys to our new family member here on the blog. I’m sorry it has taken so long to share this with you on the blog as we’ve nearly had her for a year! If you follow me on my personal IG, you might have already seen her there. πŸ™‚

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Evening Fun w/Friends β€” Mike Bennett Art & Fujiyama Sushi Bar

Hello everyone!

I wanted to recap a super fun evening I had with two friends from work (my old job). We made plans to get together and have dinner, and it just so happened that Mike Bennett had his art out at the time as well. It was the beginning of one of his new series, The A, B, Sea! πŸ™‚ 

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30 Things Before 30 β€” My Current Progress

Happy Monday!

I cannot remember when I last posted this on my other blog, but I saved this list in order to cross off the items little by little. I did mean to post it sometime last year, but I had other things I wanted to post first. I loved that I was able to cross off some items when I looked at this list again, but I also realized that I wouldn’t be able to achieve a few so I ended up tweaking the list a bit.

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Rewind 2020: The Good Times


I’m sure many of you are tired of hearing about 2020, but I have been feeling so stuck and unmotivated and I felt like I needed to look back at the happy times from last year to get me going for this year. So I just want to recap the good times because we don’t seem to hear about that often. I was just to spread a little bit of positivity, hopefully it works. πŸ™‚

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