Oregon Coast Trip: The Cheeky Cauldron, Lincoln City Beach & Cape Meares — Day Three

Hello and welcome back!

Here we are on the final day of our trip to the Oregon Coast. It was such an amazing trip that I still think about to this day, especially when I see my favorite photos and our favorite spots. Day three was a shorter day since we were heading back home so we did a lot less, but we still did a little more sight-seeing on the coast before heading back to Portland.


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Lincoln City

First thing in the morning we showered, got ready, had a bit of breakfast and packed up all of our things in our car. First place we headed to was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Lincoln City.

The Cheeky Cauldron

I cannot remember how I found this place, most likely Instagram, but I was so excited knowing we would be going to the coast so I had to put this on our itinerary. Another cool thing was that the tiny home was not that far from this place so it was a nice little stop early in the morning for some delicious treats.

The place inside is actually quite small but they had so much to look at. Sadly there were a lot of people there so I couldn’t go all out and take pictures of every corner, except the “Pink Room”, but it was still really cool to see a Harry Potter themed cafe because I’m a huge fan of the series (both the books and the movies).

Since they didn’t have a lot of space indoors and the weather was alright, we went outside to their yard where they also had a little more HP inspired decor. I didn’t get a good photo of the outside but they had little graves decorations with names of the characters that died, and a cutout of the flying car in the tree (like the weeping willow).

Alex and I both got lemon curd crumpets as well as a lemon bar. I got a Lavender’s lemonade and Alex a Love Potion (strawberry lemonade). Pictured separately (and with the drinks) is also a little souvenir I got from the shop, a negativity ward. 🙂

Lincoln City Beach Access

After a yummy treat we went over to the beach access area just a few blocks down. Peter, Alex’s friend, told us to go there and it did not disappoint.

Can you see Alex & Tsuki up on the boulders??

We were able to drive our car all the way down to the beach and the water was just a few steps away. Ciel had so much fun playing in the water of course, while Tsuki, avoided it all cost. Still, I think she had a blast hiking those big boulders. She’s literally such a good climber, so proud of her.

We ended up staying here for a few hours before heading north to Tillamook. On the way north, we did a few more pit stops of sights we missed coming down. Then again, I did leave a few more as we took a different route than when we went south. Still, this itinerary worked out perfectly. From here on out, this is how I’m going to do all my itineraries. 😀

Bob Straub State Park

This was our first stop going back to Tillamook, and this state park is located in Pacific City which is a bit north of Neskowin. It’s a short 3 to 5 min hike up the small hill to see the ocean and Chief Kiawanda Rock. This was a quick stop, Alex and CL didn’t want to get out so I tried to make it quick and take a picture for you all. It really is a phenomenal sight!


Anderson’s Viewpoint

The next stop was Anderson’s Viewpoint. When we got up here, there were a bunch of cars and people setting up their paragliding gear which was cool. Again, another quick stop to see the lookout/viewpoint, so I snapped a quick picture. It felt a bit windy and cold, and if people weren’t there, I definitely would have stayed a bit longer.

Symons State Scenic Viewpoint

Yet another quick stop! This was more like a pit stop, quick snack and restroom. This is a smaller beach and there were a lot of people with kites. I did not take a picture for some reason, but it was a nice viewpoint.


Cape Meares

Last few stops of this trip were in Cape Meares. This is all within Tillamook, so if you’re ever in the area, consider exploring this too.

Octopus Tree

This Sitka spruce tree is supposedly really old and it is estimated to be 250 to 300 years old and there are a few theories about it.

One is that the tree was shaped by natural conditions such as extreme weather, more specifically, violent winds. Another theory is that Native Americans in the area shaped the tree to hold their cedar canoes and ritual objects. I personally would learn to more about the Native American culture because I find myself feeling like their beliefs and ideals resonate with me. I don’t know, I find the culture really interesting.

Anyway, the way this tree’s branches stick out and up was super cool. I’ve never seen anything like it, so I’m glad I got to see it. The tree is a bit out of the way from the parking lot so you do have to walk about 5 to 10 mins through the trail, but it’s a great walk through the trees.


Cape Meares Lighthouse

This was a pretty cool lighthouse to see. There’s a walkway that heads down to the lighthouse and from the top you can see the ocean. There were lots of people here standing by at the top watching a whale swim by. I completely missed it because there was no visibility from the bottom with trees in the way, but Alex said he got to see the tail. That must have been super cool. Next time we come back to the coast we are going to do some whale watching.

By the time we got here everyone was already tired, so I didn’t get a photo with the lighthouse 😦 LOL

Our very last stop was ice cream at the Tillamook Creamery since we didn’t get ice cream on day one.
CL got chocolate, I got rocky road and cookies & cream, and Alex got strawberry (one of their best flavors).

And then we started heading back home to Portland!

You guys, this was such a fun trip and one I didn’t think I’d be able to do so soon. It happened at such a great time too and now that CL is older, he can enjoy these kinds of trips more. I cannot wait to explore more of Oregon because there are so many spots this state has to offer, and I’d love to show you as much of this state as I possibly can.

How much of your state have you gotten to explore?

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