July 2022 Watermelon Themed Bullet Journal

Heyy everyone!

Here I am to show you this month’s bullet journal theme.

I looked and looked through Google to find a summery theme, and came across this very cool watermelon cover page and so I ended up taking inspo from it for the rest of mine. Credit goes to @eliesindigneart on instagram.

Cover Page

This is more or less what @eliesindigneart cover page looks like. I tried to keep the elements the same as well as the colors (to the best of my availability). I really like how it turned out.


Simple and effective.


Again, kept the elements of the cover page, and decided to add bubble letters for the month so they can resemble watermelon slices.


Instead of a notes space, I added a “this month” and “next month” so I know to plan in advance, etc. This will also help me to add deadlines that I need to meet or important events coming up.

Mood & Habit Trackers

I found it too time consuming to draw 31 individual watermelon, so I decided to draw a full one and make it geometrical to fit all 31 days. I cannot wait to see what it will look like once I’m done and each day is filled in! πŸ˜€


I know last month’s habit trackers were a whole two-page spread, so I might have gone overboard, but it also gave me a good idea on which to condense and which ones I really wanted to focus more on. I will most likely focus on these specific ones for the rest of the summer.

Weekly Spreads

You might have noticed I don’t have a brain dump page, that’s because I’ve barely used them in the last few months, so I didn’t feel it was necessary to have them this month. I also haven’t found it necessary to have a lot of space for my weekly spreads. I mainly write in important events and my work schedule as I kind of use my day as I see fit, the day of.


It’s a bit weird, I haven’t felt the need to plan my week in advance and instead take it day by day and my stress has been reduced by a lot, which is nice. I do still like to plan ahead if needed, but this is also nice and it leaves each day open for me to do as I like. I do want to spend more time blogging, taking pictures, doing makeup, etc., but I need to find a good schedule that works for me again now that my son is out of school for the summer.

And that is it, you guys. Thanks for sticking around for those of you that have been.
Happy 4th of July to my American friends!


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