June 2022 Shell Themed Bullet Journal

Happy Wednesday!

Wanted to quickly share my bujo for this month. I realized a bit too late that I had already made a beach shells themed bujo in 2020, but I decided not to scrap this month’s theme and just continue. I got some inspo from a few spreads on Google and I really liked how it turned out.

So, I’ll be quick and show you what it looks like, you’ll see I kept the mood tracker from last month because I really liked that idea.

June 2022 Bujo

Cover Page


Calendar Page

I remember having too much on this spread, it’s kind of nice having the extra space.


Mood Tracker & Brain Dump

As I mentioned above, I really liked tracking my mood in this manner as I was able to track how hydrated I am and whether that contributes to my productivity and mood. Of course there are other factors that will either shoot my mood up or down, such as work, stress, family affairs and lack of sleep, which now that I mention it, I might replace productivity with sleep next month.


Habit Trackers

Yes, there are many trackers this month. I guess you could say I have a lot of plans for myself and I don’t even know if I will meet these, but I will see which I need to work on more and include them in my bujo next month.


Weekly Spreads

I won’t always have every* single week of the year in my bujo spreads, as my schedule has been a bit weird this last month or so, with little time to plan ahead. However, I still want to plan ahead when I can, and plan out some weeks when I feel like I’ll have extra time on my hands for hobbies or other things. 


With my son going into summer break this week I definitely want to have a better plan going forward on how I’ll spend my days with him, but for now, my weekly spreads are pretty empty these days. Still, cute spreads like these are nice to have for some motivation to plan 🙂 

What are you looking forward to this month?
I’ll go first: I’m excited for summer to officially kick-off! However, the weather has been gloomy and wet that I feel like we might have a really short summer this year here in the PNW.


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