Crypto-Zoo Museum, Frog Pond Farm and a 5K Bubble Run!

Hello everyone!

Throwing it back once more to October of last year! I am not sure if we will be doing these kinds of activities again this year since my work schedule is changing, but I will try my hardest to go back to the farm for the pumpkin patch and whatever other activities they might have this season and next.

Let me take you through everything though. We went to the Crypto Zoo Museum and Frog Pond Farm on the same day, and a few days later we did the Bubble Run which was short lived but fun.

Mike Bennett’s Crypto-Zoo: Museum of Mystery

The whole premise of this project/art exhibition by Portland’s own visual artist himself, Mike Bennett, was a whole alphabet showcasing the different types of cryptids, monsters and mythical beasts. He had done it in his front yard before but he wanted to bring it to a place where everyone could come by and enjoy it during spooky season. They also had special guests come by to make it that much more special.

Special Guests: Jean-Pierre & Napoleon the alpacas

I wish I had taken more photos because this whole place was going to get taken down once it was over. I learned my lesson and took plenty of pictures and videos (I also created a reel) of his most recent project, Dinolandia, which ended over the weekend. I will be sure to share that once we get all caught up. Even though the Crypto-Zoo museum is closed forever, Mike has another exciting project coming in October that will be permanent so I cannot wait to go once it opens up and take a ton of photos for you.

So taking it back to October 13th, first activity we did in the morning was hit up the Crypto-Zoo Museum. There was a line but it didn’t take long to get in. Lance, one of Mike’s best friends, who has also become a good friend of ours, was there and we got to chat with him for a bit before heading in. The entrance was lovely and had this amazing wall where you could take selfies. CL wasn’t in the mood that morning so we had to skip any involved photo-ops.

Off the side by the windows were a few monsters/cryptids/mythical beasts from the forest area.
How CUTE are they?? Love their expressions!

The place was set up to take you through the whole alphabet from entrance to exit/gift shop area. I loved how they set the spooky mood with dark/low lighting. If I remember correctly they also had some sounds to go with everything as well.

Again, I really wish I had taken more photos.. This place was awesome and was also one of Mike’s first exhibition in an actual location. It was family-friendly and free, which was nice. I remember talking to Lance and telling him how he should convince Mike to charge admission and sell his art because people want to support him.

Sure enough, they had a sale for everything when the museum closed. We stood in line for hours in the cold and didn’t get to buy the pieces we wanted as they got bought up quickly, (I have other things I’ve bought from him which I’ll show later) BUT I think that also showed Mike that his art means a lot to us here in Portland. We love supporting local artists. Especially ones who have given so much to the community. ❀

Carrots kisses with Jean-Pierre & Napoleon the alpacas! πŸ™‚

P.S. We did go back for Halloween to see these fellas!

Anyway, once we finished going through the museum and chatting with Lance once more before leaving, we went around the building to take a picture with the 20-foot-tall snail mural. Murals are one of my favorite things about Portland and I’m glad to say this is still there! So if you’re ever visiting, make sure you go see this in the St. John’s neighborhood!

Finally, we hopped back in the car, picked up some pumpkin and apple cider donuts from another farm, and made our way to…..

Frog Pond Farm

We had gone to this farm the year prior and it was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed all the activities they had, and were surprised and pleased that they expanded a bit further out on their property. We got to feed and pet a few animals, which were cute by the way. I absolutely love the goats.

We got to do some of the games and activities they had at the front. Silly me, I forgot to take pictures of all of that too. Basically they had a section for younger kids such as duck water races, cornhole, giant connect four, and hay towers.

Further out they had a maze, tennis ball slingshots and hamster rollers/wheels for the bigger kids and adults alike which was way more fun than expected. CL totally enjoyed that part and he went back again and again. I think there’s a video of that in my highlights on insta. I’ll be sure not to wear heeled boots next time so I can attempt the hamster rollers myself.

We also got to see the resident camels, as well as the emu (was too far for a photo), donkeys, bunnies, hamsters and guinea pigs, and a tortoise! They have so many animals and they’re all so well taken care of. Makes my heart happy.

If anyone has been following my blog for a while, you might remember the first time I saw Dude the camel a few years back before covid hit. Being this close to a camel was surreal. He took feed from me gently and even posed for a photo. He was the cutest! Back then, Dude was the only camel at the property.

Dude the Camel!

Towards the end we enjoyed their barrel ride, which was super fun. They took us all around their property and got some great views of the valley and mountains. Of course my favorite thing was their pumpkin patch with all the free-roaming llamas. One of the adults adorably photobombed a photo of the wombat garden pal I bought from Mike Bennett’s gift shop at Crypto-Zoo. Another one ended up following me and happily took a selfie with me!

Secretly judging me πŸ™‚

Tsuki got to see them briefly but she began whining and wanting to bark so we decided to leave. The look on the face of the white one when Tsuki whined was hilarious to me. The one on the left also came out of nowhere making the photo even funnier.

Overall a very fun day! Writing this almost a year later with fall season right around the corner makes me want to go back, and you know what? I just might! πŸ˜€

5K Bubble Run

Days later on October 16th, we woke up early to head to the bubble run. I had done a 5K before with my cousin (Black Light Run), and since Alex or CL weren’t with me that time, I was able to run the entire way. I remember the feeling of accomplishment since it had been a while since I last ran.

Throwback: 5K Black Light Run, Autumn 2019

This Bubble Run was meant to happen the following year in 2020 but got rescheduled to October 2021 due to covid. I remember how much my son complained about how I didn’t take him to the first one, so I bought tickets for this one. Of course when we got there he complained some more about how he didn’t want to do it and kept insisting that we go home. I’ll be honest, it can be incredibly frustrating going out and doing new things with CL because he will complain to no end.

Of course after we went through the first bubble checkpoint he couldn’t wait to reach the next one.. The only thing I hated about this 5K was that they only had three bubble checkpoints and the first two were spaced a bit too far apart. The bigger bubble station was of course at the finish line and he enjoyed that very much. We almost couldn’t get him to leave, LOL! All that fuss at the beginning to be his happy at the end!

This was so fun reminiscing about what we did last year, thank you for reading if you made it this far. I know this was a long one. I feel like this year I’ve missed a lot of time with my family sadly, but I plan on making up that time now that I have a new job and a new schedule. More on that later. πŸ™‚

Until next time everyone! πŸ™‚

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