May 2022 Minimalist Bullet Journal


Just here to share my May bujo, which is a very very minimalist look. I wanted to make it as basic as possible because it was going to be a very busy month for me. Lots of cleaning and organizing around the house, prepping and planning for an end-of-the-month trip, packing, and what not.

I actually quite liked this minimalist theme, it was very simple and that’s exactly what I needed this month and it worked. Now to show you those spreads. 🙂

Cover Page

So here is the cover page. Very simple. I really like it. Just what I wanted! 😀


Calendar & Brain Dump

I used a stencil for the calendar, as I knew I didn’t need a whole spread for this month. I had the idea to note important dates instead and that worked out a lot better.


I also think I like the brain dump page to be one single page instead of two because I haven’t used my other brain dump spreads as much, or at all. I may remove it from next month’s bujo because it’s kind of a waste of space, if not used, but at the same time, I do like having at least one page just in case.

Habit Trackers

I found a similar mood tracker and really liked the idea of seeing it as a graph. I decided to add productivity and hydration trackers as well because I wanted to see how my productivity and hydration levels affected my mood, and how my mood might affect how well I’m taking care of myself and how productive I am being. That might be a little difficult to understand, but honestly I learned a lot about how I function by adding those two trackers in conjunction with my mood tracker. As you can see, the days I’m not hydrated, my mood really tanked.


The habit trackers mimicked the actual monthly calendar so it was easy to follow along what day of the week I needed to fill in. Obviously I didn’t blog as much this last month, but I did cross off two days in which I worked on posts. I also stopped taking vitamins because I ran out, so this has been a constant reminder to buy some. I also didn’t get to exercise as much, but from here on out, I am including dancing as a workout 🙂 And one more thing to mention, I am so proud of my no spend tracker, it’s practically full 😀

Oregon Coast Weekend Trip

I was hesitant to post this spread, only because that would give away what I did/where I went. However, I realized that a lot of you may not know any of these places, so it wouldn’t matter anyway. I am excited to show you all so many pictures. We had such an amazing time!


Weekend Trip Cont’d & Weekly Spread

This has the continued itinerary for my coast trip, and one of my weekly spreads. This is how my spreads looked throughout the rest of the month. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to plan for anything else besides this trip, but I have a lot of things coming up in June that I’m excited about.


And that is it. I haven’t done a full walkthrough of my bujo in a while it feels like. Let me know if you prefer a walkthrough or just photos, I’m fine with either, today I guess just felt like talking writing a lot LOL.

What did you guys do over the weekend?


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